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"Professor Layton VS Gyakuten Saiban" Original Soundtrack with Special Anime Film
35828 328145
Released November 29, 2012 (Japan)
Label Suleputer
Number of tracks 5
Length 09:23

The "Professor Layton VS Gyakuten Saiban" Original Soundtrack with Special Anime Film was released as a promotional CD bundled with pre-ordered copies of Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney in Japan, and also incldued a celluloid film strip containing select animation cels. The tracks were composed by Tomohito Nishiura, who was responsible for the music in the main Professor Layton franchise. The first and fifth tracks were newly created for the game, whilst the second and third are updated arrangements of previous Professor Layton themes. Nishiura arranged his own version of the Pursuit theme for the final track.

Track listEdit

No. Title Length
1. Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney ~ Opening Theme   1:56
2. Puzzle Deductions ~ PL vs PW: AA Version   2:08
3. Tension ~ PL vs PW: AA Version   1:49
4. Courtroom Magic   1:54
5. Pursuit ~ Spell-breaker   1:36
Total length:

No. Title Length
2. 謎6 ~レイトン教授VS逆転裁判アレンジver.   2:08
3. 緊迫 ~レイトン教授VS逆転裁判アレンジver.   1:49
4. 法廷の魔術師   1:54
5. 追求 ~魔法をかけて   1:36
Total length:

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