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Pierce Nichody
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Pierce Nichody
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Occupation Surgeon (lapsed)
Sprocket Aviation repair department director
Names in other languages
Japanese (romanization written with the given name first) 十文字 一治 (Kazuharu Juumonji)
Biological information
(this is for age comparison purposes, and so may look odd; click on the question mark for details)? 2002
(as recorded in court record profiles and case files) 26 (age at debut)
Status (last known) Alive (arrested)
Eye color Hazel
Hair color Light brown
Height (from official guidebooks) 5'9"; 177 cm
Family None mentioned
Friends Selena Sprocket (fiancé; deceased)
Affiliates Sorin Sprocket (employer)
Ellen Wyatt (fellow servant)
Dumas Gloomsbury (fellow servant and victim; deceased)
Debut episode Turnabout Time Traveler
Leitmotif "Reminiscing ~ Each of Their Feelings"

Pierce Nichody was the family butler and repair department director for Sprocket Aviation and was a witness in one of Phoenix Wright's cases.

As a surgeon Edit

Nichody was the surgeon on duty at the hospital where his fiance, Selena Sprocket and Sorin Sprocket, her younger brother, were taken to after their car accident in 2027. Selena pleaded with Nichody to save her brother, despite her own injuries being more dangerous. He complied, but she passed away under his watch. Overcome with grief, Nichody came to despise Sorin and reinvented himself as part of a long, patient plan to destroy him.

Revenge Edit

Main article: Turnabout Time Traveler

Nichody retired from being a surgeon soon after Selena's death, and soon became the Sprocket family butler. Although he watched over Sorin, he despised watching him become everything Selena should have been: the heir to the Sprocket family, with a wedding with their true love coming close. Prior to Sorin and Ellen Wyatt's wedding, he approached Dumas Gloomsbury with a plan to have Wyatt killed on the day of her wedding. Nichody hoped to inflict the same pain on Sorin that he had suffered by losing the love of his life. Gloomsbury also nursed a grudge against Sorin, as he had been made a scapegoat to assume all responsibility of the car accident when Sorin was the actual driver, and so he agreed.

After the wedding reception, Gloomsbury attacked Sorin on Nichody's orders and prepared to murder Wyatt by pushing her off the edge of the Floating Chapel. However, despite his injuries, Sorin walked over to the vista deck where Gloomsbury was over the airship's exterior and struck Gloomsbury with the Time Keeper, a wedding memento he'd made. Gloomsbury was knocked unconscious; to Sorin, and Nichody who appeared on the scene shortly after, Gloomsbury had been killed.

Nichody recommended that Sorin host the wedding reception again to make it appear as nothing had happened, and orchestrated the second reception with the guests. Gloomsbury's "corpse" was placed in a Pegabull lantern to be disposed of later. However Larry Butz found a note on one from Ellen that she left for herself on the Pegacow so she could replace it later as it was broken. He did this himself to prove how much he was willing to help her as he was "in love" with her. But instead of replacing it with the replacement Pegacow he replaced it with the Pegabull that had Gloombury inside of it. As a result Gloomsbury regained consciousness during the second wedding reception and tried to leave, where he was spotted by Nichody. Nichody decided then to murder Gloomsbury and pin the blame on Wyatt, for he knew she'd tell everyone about her "time traveling" and no one would believe her, thereby achieving his revenge through another way, and bludgeoned Gloomsbury with the activated Time Keeper. Due to the dry ice fog blanketing the room, this murder went unnoticed.

Nichody was eventually summoned as a witness in Wyatt's trial, admitting that he had orchestrated the second reception to give the illusion of time travel. Eventually, however, Wright was not only able to prove his involvement, but also his true identity as Selena's ex-fiance and murderous intent.

Personality Edit

When first encountered, Nichody seemed to be the very definition of the stoic, dutiful servant, showing little emotion beyond concern for Sorin and maintaining the reputation of his family. He would often glance at Selena's watch, claiming it to be a good luck charm (as it was broken at the time of the accident).

Once his original profession and grudge against Sorin was revealed, he dropped the act completely, revealing himself to be a deeply vengeful, cold, snarky man who was willing to completely transform his own identity and destroy the life of an innocent woman purely to spite her spouse. He also had no respect for the intelligence of others he regarded as annoying. In his surgeon's persona, Nichody frequently used medical terms in his speech, calling Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth "malignant tumors bleeding false accusations" and threatening to use the Spockets' influence to "incise" them from their jobs. He was also quite capable of lateral thinking, realizing that he was legally capable of not offering testimony beyond what he was asked, to the point where one of his cross-examinations was represented entirely by three dialogue boxes of silence.

Name Edit

  • Jūmonji (十文字) literally means "the character for ten (十)," or simply said: "cross." A cross is commonly associated in Christian religion with death, and it could be referencing Selena Sprocket dying under his care.
  • Kazu (一) in his given name means "one", while the character for haru (治) means "heal". Together, they might mean "one who heals" referencing his job as a surgeon.
  • His full English name may be a reference to the word "persnickety;" which can mean a fussy or precise person, referencing to his former occupation as a surgeon.
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