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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice For All
JFA Box Art
Japanese title Game Boy Advance:
  • 逆転裁判 2 (Gyakuten Saiban 2)

Nintendo DS:

  • 逆転裁判 2 (Gyakuten Saiban 2)
Genre Visual novel
Developer Capcom
Release Game Boy Advance
  • October 22, 2002 (Japan)

Nintendo DS

  • October 26, 2006 (Japan)
  • January 16, 2007 (North America)
  • March 16, 2007 (Europe)
  • April 13, 2007 (Spain)
  • September 6, 2007 (Australia)

Microsoft Windows


  • January 26, 2010 (Japan)
  • February 15, 2010 (North America)
  • February 19, 2010 (Europe)


  • May 30, 2013


  • TBA
Number of players 1
Media 32 MB + 32KB EEPROM
JFA logo

The Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice For All logo.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice For All is the second game in the Ace Attorney series, and is set about a year after the events of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. Unlike the first game, there are no Nintendo DS-exclusive cases in the DS release of Justice For All. The game was brought to the Wii as a downloadable title via WiiWare, and was released in Japan on January 26, 2010 (priced at 1200 Nintendo Points), North America on February 15, 2010 (for 1000 Nintendo Points), and Europe on February 19, 2010 (for 1000 Nintendo Points). The game is also available on the Nintendo 3DS as part of the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy.


  1. The Lost Turnabout: Just before entering court to defend police officer Maggey Byrde on the charge of murdering her boyfriend Dustin Prince, Phoenix Wright is struck on the head and contracts amnesia. Despite having no memory of who he is or how to do his job, Wright must battle his amnesia to acquit Byrde.
  2. Reunion, and Turnabout (takes place before The Lost Turnabout chronologically): Maya Fey is once again accused of murder, with the victim this time being a doctor who was with her in a sealed room in her home village while attempting to channel a former colleague of his. Wright again defends her, only to face Franziska von Karma, the whip-wielding daughter of Manfred von Karma, at the prosecutor's bench. While investigating Kurain Village, Wright learns more about the family of his assistant and meets Maya's little cousin Pearl Fey for the first time.
  3. Turnabout Big Top: Wright defends Max Galactica, a flamboyant magician accused of murdering the ringmaster of the circus where he works.
  4. Farewell, My Turnabout: As a television star is found murdered, Wright discovers that Maya has been kidnapped. The defense attorney finds his morality tested as an anonymous caller demands that he get the prime suspect a complete acquittal, or else...

Main charactersEdit

Justice For All art

Clockwise from top-left: Franziska von Karma, Miles Edgeworth, Pearl Fey, Phoenix Wright, and Maya Fey.

  • Phoenix Wright is a defense attorney with several cases under his belt who is the main character and controllable protagonist of the game.
  • Maya Fey is Wright's assistant. She is the defendant in Reunion, and Turnabout, aids him in his investigation during Turnabout Big Top and is kidnapped in Farewell, My Turnabout in an attempt to blackmail Wright.
  • Pearl Fey is Maya's younger cousin. She helps Wright in his investigations during Reunion, and Turnabout and Farewell, My Turnabout when Maya is absent due to either being detained by the authorities or kidnapped respectively.
  • Mia Fey is Wright's former mentor. Though she is deceased, she can still assist Wright thanks to the spirit channeling abilities of Maya and Pearl Fey.
  • Franziska von Karma is the daughter of the feared prosecutor Manfred von Karma and a formidable prosecutor in her own right. She is Wright's main rival in the game.
  • Dick Gumshoe is a bumbling homicide detective who happens to investigate all of the cases that Wright works on. He works under Franziska von Karma during the game.
  • The unnamed judge presides over all of the cases in the game.
  • Miles Edgeworth was Wright's rival in the first game, but shortly after writing what appeared to be a suicide note, he disappeared and he has not been heard from since the events of the first game. He returns in Farewell, My Turnabout as an acting prosecutor.

Characters by episodeEdit

The Lost TurnaboutEdit

Reunion, and TurnaboutEdit

  • Maya Fey
  • Mia Fey
  • Dick Gumshoe
  • Lotta Hart: a photographer
  • "Director Hotti" (debut): a deranged mental patient claiming to be a doctor
  • The judge
  • Phoenix Wright
  • Pearl Fey (debut)
  • Morgan Fey (debut): Maya's aunt, Pearl's mother and head of Kurain Village
  • Franziska von Karma (debut)
  • Turner Grey (exclusive): a highly suspicious doctor and the victim
  • Ini Miney (exclusive): a college student and key witness
  • Mimi Miney (exclusive): Ini's deceased sister
  • Ami Fey (allusions): the Feys' ancestor and founder of Kurain Village

Turnabout Big TopEdit

  • Miles Edgeworth
  • Maya Fey
  • Pearl Fey
  • Dick Gumshoe
  • The judge
  • Franziska von Karma
  • Phoenix Wright
  • Acro (exclusive): a paralyzed former acrobat
  • Bat (exclusive): Acro's comatose brother
  • Regina Berry (debut): Berry's ditzy daughter
  • Russell Berry (exclusive): the Berry Big Circus ringmaster and victim
  • Max Galactica (exclusive): a beloved magician and the defendant
  • Moe (exclusive): a clown with a poor sense of humor
  • Money (debut): a monkey working at the Berry Big Circus
  • Regent the tiger (debut): a tiger working at the Berry Big Circus
  • Benjamin Woodman (exclusive): a ventriloquist constantly at the mercy of his puppet, Trilo
  • Léon the lion (allusions): a deceased lion formerly working at Berry Big Circus

Farewell, My TurnaboutEdit

  • Miles Edgeworth
  • Maya Fey
  • Mia Fey
  • Pearl Fey
  • Dick Gumshoe
  • Lotta Hart
  • "Director Hotti"
  • The judge
  • Wendy Oldbag: an immensely unfriendly elderly security guard
  • Will Powers: the star of the hit TV show Steel Samurai
  • Franziska von Karma
  • Phoenix Wright
  • Adrian Andrews (debut): Matt Engarde's manager
  • Shelly de Killer (debut): a professional assassin who kidnaps Maya
  • Juan Corrida (exclusive): star of the hit show Jammin' Ninja and the victim
  • Matt Engarde (exclusive): Corrida's rival, star of The Nickel Samurai and the defendant
  • Celeste Inpax (exclusive): the deceased former lover and manager of Corrida

New featuresEdit

In Justice For All, Wright can present character profiles as well as evidence.


Main article: Magatama

During Reunion, and Turnabout, Wright obtains a tool called the magatama, which allows him to see Psyche-Locks when someone is lying or hiding information during an investigation.


Box art galleryEdit

External linksEdit

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