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Penny Nichols
I don't care what kind of girl you might think I am, I need that card!

Penny Nichols is a part-time assistant at Global Studios in charge of props. She is obsessed with The Steel Samurai: Warrior of Neo Olde Tokyo, and collects Steel Samurai trading cards.

Murder of HammerEdit

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Nichols was present at Global Studios when Jack Hammer was murdered, and so soon encountered Phoenix Wright and Maya Fey, who were investigating the crime scene. Nichols told the pair that Will Powers, the prime suspect and Wright's client, wouldn't hurt a fly. She went on to tell them what her role as the sole assistant that day entailed, as well as alluding to the difficulties the studio was facing. She later confessed that she sensed someone else other than the staff was present at the day of the crime.

Later, after Wright successfully managed in court to briefly throw suspicion onto the security guard Wendy Oldbag as a suspect, Oldbag asked Nichols to cover the drain in the Employee Area through which the fanboy Cody Hackins had been entering the studio. After finishing her work, Nichols headed for the security guard station to fill in for Oldbag. When Wright and Fey met her again, Nichols gave them information about Dee Vasquez's role in the studio's success.

While trying to coax information from Hackins, Wright acquired a "doubler" of the boy's Steel Samurai trading cards. Much to Nichols' joy, this very card was the last one she needed to complete her collection, and so she traded a rare card for it with Wright. Said rare card was one that Hackins needed, and so he gave Wright valuable information that eventually helped him to solve the case and clear Powers's name. After the incident, Nichols sent Fey The Pink Princess: Warrior of Little Olde Tokyo trading cards, as she was unable to acquire them where she was.

Presidential assassinationEdit

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The crime scene.

Two years later, Nichols became involved in another Global Studios production, The Mighty Moozilla vs. Gourdy. The film was a remake of an old film about a bovine-like monster named Moozilla, who would be fighting Gourdy in the new movie. Powers played the part of Moozilla, while John Marsh played the part of a boy with horns able to communicate with Moozilla by drinking milk. A temporary filming lot was set up beside the Grand Tower, and President Di-Jun Huang of Zheng Fa was brought on board for a cameo role. The filming to be done at the lot had to be finished quickly, before a scheduled construction project in the same area started.

On the night of April 5, 2019, Nichols came to the lot to check up on Marsh, who had a habit of practicing by himself at night. She saw him facing something long and white, but could not make out what exactly it was due to her failing eyesight. There were also three holes in the concrete ground shaped like giant hoof prints, which had not been there before. Nichols quietly returned home, confused by what looked to her like Marsh talking to a real-life Gourdy.

Nichols returned the next morning, only to find President Huang's dead body on the set. She panicked and ran toward the Big Tower entrance, where she found Miles Edgeworth, Kay Faraday, and Lotta Hart, and proceeded to tell them about the body. Shi-Long Lang quickly made it to the crime scene and angrily started accusing Nichols of the murder before Edgeworth calmed him down. Nichols aided Edgeworth in his investigation, mainly by answering questions that he had about the movie and the filming lot itself. Hart began to accuse the crew of hiding real monsters, using the hoof prints and Nichols's Gourdy sighting as evidence, but eventually Edgeworth explained both of these; the hoof prints had been caused by Blaise Debeste, who had broken into the film lot to dig something up from the SS-5 Incident, and "Gourdy" had been a camera crane covered in a waterproof sheet.


Nichols could be considered amongst the most "normal" of the individuals Wright and Edgeworth have met during their respective careers. One personality quirk of note when Wright met her was her love of the Samurai franchise and her obsessive desire to complete her Steel Samurai trading card collection. When Edgeworth later met her, she would sometimes lose her composure and become overly worried about relatively trivial matters. Although she tried her best to look after John Marsh (after being told to do so by the studio), she would often be treated rudely in return.


  • Her Japanese family name "Mamiya" (間宮) comes from "mania", likely in reference to her love of the Samurai franchise.
  • "Penny Nichols" seems to come from the coins "penny" and "nickel(s)". This may be an allusion to coin collectors, in that she is, similarly, a card collector.
  • If English spelling is used, a close pronunciation of her French name "Iseult Rosentz" would roughly be "Eezuh Rozentz", which is close to "eurocent", which is 1/100 of the euro just as a "penny" is to the dollar.


  • When the player first encounters Penny Nichols in Turnabout Samurai, the "???" name placeholder is immediately changed to "Penny", even though she only introduces herself as an assistant. In fact, she never actually formally introduces herself at all, mostly being referred to as the/an assistant. The first time her name is mentioned in-game (outside of her court record profile) is during a conversation with Wendy Oldbag.