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Paul Atishon
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Paul Atishon
In short, I'm the chosen one, the golden boy, the powerhouse of politics!
Trucy Wright
...And rider-of-his-grandfather's-coattails.

Paul Atishon-Wimperson, or simply Paul Atishon, was a politician running for the position of local assemblyman of Kurain Village. He was the plaintiff in a civil lawsuit against Dhurke Sahdmadhi, in which he was represented by the attorney Phoenix Wright.

A treasure, a suitcase, and a murderEdit


An e-mail sent by Archie Buff to Atishon regarding the Founder's Orb.

While running for a seat on the local council of Kurain Village, Atishon was tasked by a benefactor of his – the Khura'inese Minister of Justice, Inga Karkhuul Khura'in – with retrieving a Khura'inese relic called the Founder's Orb from Dr. Archie Buff, an archaeologist living in the village, to whom the orb had been sent to be studied. At some point, Archie realized that the orb had been stolen from its rightful place in Tehm'pul Temple, after which he refused to hand it over to Atishon.

Intending to give the orb to his benefactor at all costs, Atishon went into Archie's study at night, planning to kill him by using a heavy suitcase that Datz Are'bal had left at the house; as the suitcase was too heavy for Atishon to lift, his plan was to push it from the second floor landing so it would land onto the doctor's head while he was sitting at the coffee bar below. However, Archie's daughter Armie had fallen asleep in her wheelchair in the spot from which Atishon intended to push the suitcase. He moved her wheelchair out of the way, but doing so woke Armie, who, frightened by the presence of a stranger in her home, wheeled herself to her room and shut herself in.

Atishon proceeded to drop the suitcase onto Archie's head, killing him. He then wiped his fingerprints and the doctor's blood off the suitcase, moved the body to the foot of a bookshelf across the room, and covered it in a large amount of books, making it appear as if Archie had been knocked off of the bookcase ladder by an avalanche of books. Although Atishon's plan to make the death look accidental initially succeeded, the Founder's Orb was no longer in the doctor's home and he found himself unable to retrieve it.

The civil trialEdit

Main article: Turnabout Revolution

The following day, Atishon confronted the leader of the Defiant Dragons, Dhurke Sahdmadhi, and the defense attorney Apollo Justice. Upon learning that they were after the orb as well, Atishon arranged for Phoenix Wright to represent him in a civil lawsuit against Sahdmadhi. As Wright's friend Maya Fey was being held hostage by Inga, he had no choice but to follow through with the lawsuit.

During the trial to determine the orb's rightful owner, Atishon claimed that the object in question was actually the "Crystal of Ami Fey", which had been stolen from his family's residence a year before. Justice, who was representing Sahdmadhi, maintained that the relic was the Founder's Orb and thus the rightful property of the Defiant Dragons, as Archie had signed an agreement stating that he would hand the orb over to them. Atishon's claims about the Crystal of Ami Fey proved not to be enough to convince the judge, so he instead testified that Are'bal had been the one who killed Archie, which would void the transfer agreement, as the former was a member of the Defiant Dragons. Despite Atishon's attempts to pin the murder on Are'bal, Justice deduced that Atishon was the real killer and that he had left conclusive evidence behind – his fingerprints on Armie's wheelchair, which, unlike the ones on the suitcase, he had been unable to wipe off.

Despite the evidence, Wright refused to accept the evidence due to Atishon and Inga's control over Fey. However, after Justice deduced that Fey needed to be kept alive in order to use the Founder's Orb, Wright immediately resigned his position as Atishon's attorney. Screaming for his grandfather, Atishon collapsed on the witness stand before being placed under arrest for his crime.


Paul Atishon
I believe the youth of this country are our very future. Too long have they been looked down on and given the cold shoulder! So, to them I say! Ask not what you can do for your country! Ask what you can do for me!


Atishon was the embodiment of the archetypal "sleazy politician." He was very evasive when questioned, preferring to promote his political campaign or straight up walking away from the witness stand. He had an inflated ego and huge sense of self, calling others peasants, preferring to have others carry him around in his palanquin, and not realizing when locals of Kurain Village wanted him to be quiet or why they were taking his posters down, instead believing that the residents cried tears of joy when they saw him, or that his fangirls were taking the posters. Atishon was not afraid to flaunt his political power, knowing that a normal person would be unable to fight back against his family's influence.

Underneath it all, Atishon was a very pitiful person. He was not above blackmailing people to work for him, and murdering people because they did not give him something he wanted. He panicked easily when things started not to go his way, whimpering and begging for things to go back in his favor.


  • "Kiyoki" (清き) means "proper" or "clean", which is an ironical reference of his personality. The name "Masaharu" can also be read as "seiji" (政治), meaning "politics," referring to his profession.
  • His English name is a play on the word "politician", while his surname Wimperson is a play of both "wimp" and "whimper", in respective reference of his personality and his breakdown.
  • His grandfather's name is an homage to Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth President of the United States, or Shinzō Abe, the prime minister of Japan as of 2016.


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