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Oscar Fairplay
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Oscar Fairplay is an English banker. He was a witness in the murder of Mortar Milverton. He was later the first juror in the trial of Sōseki Natsume.

Witness to murderEdit

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Oscar Fairplay was on the road witnessed a murder happening in the omnibus. Ryūnosuke Naruhodō accused Fairplay of being the killer because he was in debt to the defendant, Cosney Megundal, but all he did was witness the crime.

Jury dutyEdit

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Fairplay later takes part in Sōseki Natsume's trial in the attempted murder of Viridian Green. When he first votes guilty he asks if Sōseki Natsume admited himself. The second time he states that Natsume left three books and the crime scene. When his fellow juror, Joan Garrideb wife of Natsume's land lord, is revealed to be the culprit, Fairplay admits that false charges are bad.

He is Juror No. 1 for the Sōseki Natsume again for the attempted murder of William Petenshy.


Fairplay is strong-willed, stubborn and a little full of himself, but he holds true to his name and he knows when to back down in a fight he knows he'll lose. He does not like false charges.


  • His surname is a reference to his personality. "Oscar" is just a normal English name.
  • Fairplay could also be a reference to fair play mysteries, the sort of mysteries that the Ace Attorney games are.


  • His constant looking to the right may be a reference to the profile found on coins, referencing Fairplay's profession as a banker.

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