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Objection! redirects here. You may be looking for the "Objection!" musical themes instead.

PWAADD Objection!

Miles Edgeworth
I object! That was... objectionable!

The "Objection!" speech bubble has become an iconic element of the Ace Attorney series, usually accompanied by the equally iconic dramatic finger-pointing gesture. In real life, it is generally used prior to pointing out that someone in court is breaking a rule of trial proceedings. In the Ace Attorney series, however, it is used much more liberally. Characters often yell "Objection!" when they are about to point out a flaw in an opponent's argument or a witness's testimony, often using evidence from the court record or an organizer. Each game thus far has ended with the protagonist yelling "Objection!" before the credits roll.

In Japanese versions of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations, Phoenix Wright has an echoed version of his usual "Igiari!" voice clip, which is used near the end of Bridge to the Turnabout. When Wright is about to show where the killer was wounded by his victim, an image of Mia Fey appears beside him, and they simultaneously use a slowed-down version of the finger point while the voice clip plays. Other versions of the game do not have this voice clip play, though the unchanged finger-pointing animation still has Wright and Fey seemingly mouthing the voice clip.

Characters with "Objection!" voice clipsEdit

Although many characters have yelled "Objection!" in the series, only some of them are accompanied by voice clips.

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