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Nikomina Borschevic
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Nikomina Borschevic is a 15-year-old Russian ballet dancer encountered by Ryūnosuke Naruhodō and Sherlock Holmes. She is seeking asylum from her home country, Russia, in America.

Seeking asylumEdit

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Nikomina Borschevic was part of the Novavic Ballet of Russia, and was admired not only for her dancing, but also for her beauty. However, she eventually got tired of the ballet life due to her loneliness and not having enough money. Having enough, she decided to run away from her ballet group. Taking her black cat, Kuroppoi, and a very expensive tiara with her, Borschevic made her escape during a ballet performance in Shanghai. With the help of Russian sailors, she snuck onto a steamship that was heading for London.

Mitrov Stroganov had Borschevic hide in a first-class cabin room so that no one would know that she was onboard. While giving Kuroppoi some milk, the cat suddenly fled the room through the ventilation shaft. Nikomina tried to call back her pet with a fox tail, but to no avail. So she left the cabin to try to find Kuroppoi. It was then that she ran into Kazuma Asōgi, the occupant of the other cabin. Inside his room, Borschevic explained her situation to him, and he decided that she should meet with his friend. But as he turned, Borschevic started to panic as she thought that Asōgi was going to call the captain. She suddenly pushed him to stop him, and he broke his neck during the fall which resulted in his death. Realizing what she had done, Borschevic called on Stroganov for help. So he rearranged the crime scene to divert any leads to her.

The following morning, Borschevic decided to cut her long hair to complete her disguise as a man named Grimesby Roylott. As she proceeded, she saw an article in the newspaper about her disappearing from the Novavic Ballet. This caused Borschevic to scream out in horror, which caught the attention and arrival of Ryūnosuke Naruhodō, Susato Mikotoba, and Sherlock Holmes. While in her disguise, Borschevic tried to get the three out of the cabin. But Holmes and Naruhodō used their deductions to figure out her true identity, forcing her to remove her fake beard admitting her identity as the runaway ballet. To ensure that Naruhodō, Mikotoba, and Holmes keep her identity a secret, Borschevic told them that she did not have anything to do with Asōgi’s death.

However, when Holmes and Naruhodō continued their investigations, they found that Borschevic and Kuroppoi were connected to Asōgi’s murder. Borschevic repeatedly denied killing him and Stoganov tried to defend her. But in the end, Holmes discovered that Asōgi was holding onto Borschevic’s earring when he fell, which was irrefutable evidence of her involvement in his death. With no one and nothing to protect her, Borschevic admitted her crime, reasoning that Asōgi was going to call the captain and arrest her. But Naruhodō, Mikotoba and Holmes theorized that Asōgi wanted to let her meet Naruhodō himself since he was a fellow stowaway and wanted to do something to help her. Realizing how grave of a crime she had committed, Borschevic apologised as she broke down in tears.

Afterwards, Borschevic was taken by Scotland Yard with Holmes arranging for her not to be sent back to Russia.


Trivia Edit

  • Borschevic is the youngest murderer in the Ace Attorney series to date.

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