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The studio mascot. I guess it's a monkey of some kind. But what kind of monkey has a nose like that?

Mr. Monkey is a fictional character who is the mascot of Global Studios. There is a large statue/clock of him at Global Studios itself, although it was badly damaged on the day of Jack Hammer's murder.

Damaged mascotEdit

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Black market auctionEdit

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The head of the mascot was later used for a black market auction of police evidence, and was among several such items found by Miles Edgeworth in a secret storage room on the 51st floor of Big Tower. Although Edgeworth recognized it, he once again mistakenly referred to it as "Mrs. Monkey", with his investigative partner at the time, Ema Skye, pointing out his error.


  • Its Japanese name, "Sarumage-don" (サルマゲどん), comes from "saru" (猿), meaning "monkey", and "chonmage" (ちょんまげ), a type of traditional topknot haircut associated with samurai. The suffix "-don" is a honorific used in various countries that roughly translates as "Lord".
  • Its English name is simply "Monkey" with the standard English honorific "Mister".


  • In the English dub of the Ace Attorney anime adaptation, Mr. Monkey is instead called the "Forest Imp". In keeping with his mistakes in the games, Edgeworth mistakenly calls it the "Forest Blimp".