A piggy bank of Mr. Ifly, minus his hat.


A piggy bank of Mr. Ifly, complete with hat.

Mr. Ifly is the mascot of iFly Airlines, and takes the form of a slow loris wearing a captain's hat. Various items of the airline's merchandise feature him, including piggy banks and plush dolls. The piggy banks use the captain's hat as a seal.

Role in a murderEdit

Main article: Turnabout Airlines

On March 12, 2019, Flight I-390 entered a fateful period of turbulence at 5:40 a.m., Central European Time. This turbulence caused a Mr. Ifly piggy bank to break through its glass case onto the floor of the plane's in-flight shop. Flight attendant Cammy Meele, having killed a passenger named Akbey Hicks, hastily moved the body and the piggy bank to the lounge to pin her crime on Miles Edgeworth, who was lying unconscious on the floor. The turbulence had foiled her original plan to hide the body inside a suitcase and pin the crime on chief flight attendant Rhoda Teneiro.

Edgeworth thus woke up to find Hicks's body at 6:00. The piggy bank was quickly found as well, and it was initially believed to have been the murder weapon. However, this was ruled out when it was found that the murder had occurred much earlier. Nonetheless, the issue of the piggy bank continued to come up through Meele and Franziska von Karma, slowing down the investigation. Edgeworth eventually named Meele as the killer.

Plush dollEdit

Cammy Meele possessed a Mr. Ifly plush doll. The doll served to augment Meele's image as a chronically sleepy, largely incompetent flight attendant. This image was a cover to avert suspicion from her.


A Mr. Ifly piggy bank is among the items that fall on Manosuke Naitō's head during his breakdown in Turnabout Target.

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