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Mia Fey
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Mystic Mia*
Madame Fey*

One-off nicknames

Novice Bimbo*
Madame Attorney*
Master of Lawyers*
Occupation Defense attorney (February 16, 2012 - September 5, 2016)
Names in other languages
Japanese* 綾里千尋 (Chihiro Ayasato)*
千尋さん (Chihiro-san)*
千尋さま (Chihiro-sama)*
French Mia Fey
German Mia Fey
Spanish Mia Fey
Italian Mia Fey
Biological information
Born 1989
Died 8:57 p.m. on Sept. 5, 2016
Age at debut 27 (deceased)
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Height* 5'6"; 168 cm
Family Ami Fey (Ancestor, deceased)
An unnamed father (deceased)
Misty Fey (Mother, deceased)
Maya Fey (Younger sister)
Morgan Fey (Aunt; incarcerated)
An unnamed uncle (Morgan's first husband)
Dahlia Hawthorne (Younger cousin, deceased)
Iris (Younger cousin)
An unnamed uncle (Morgan's second husband)
Pearl Fey (Younger cousin)
Bikini (Fellow member of Fey Clan)
Fey clan
Friends Lana Skye (Friend at law school)
Diego Armando (Former boyfriend and colleague)
Phoenix Wright (Protégé and former client)
Affiliates Marvin Grossberg (Former employer, co-counsel, and mentor)
Robert Hammond (Former colleague, deceased)
Terry Fawles (First client, deceased)
Miles Edgeworth (Rival prosecutor)
Winston Payne (Rival prosecutor)
Charley (Office plant)
Larry Butz (Wright's first client)
English Christina Katano*
Japanese* Miyuki Kawahara*
French Céline Arjalies*
German Bettina Ortmann*
Spanish Marta Martín*
Italian Daniela Tramontano*
Film* Rei Dan*
Minami Hamabe*
Debut episode The First Turnabout
Leitmotif "Turnabout Sisters' Ballad"
"Phoenix Wright ~ Objection! 2004"*
Mia Fey
Wright? I hope you see the importance of evidence now. Also, hopefully you realize, things change depending on how you look at them. People, too. We never really know if our clients are guilty or innocent. All we can do is believe in them. And in order to believe in them, you have to believe in yourself.
The First Turnabout

Mia Fey was a defense attorney known for her undying belief in her clients. She started out at Grossberg Law Offices, then eventually created her own criminal defense law firm, Fey & Co. Law Offices. She was Phoenix Wright's boss and mentor, and she left her firm to him after her death at the hands of Redd White. Her younger sister Maya served as Wright's assistant during his law career.

Early lifeEdit

Caught in the act
Maya and Mia caught in the act.
Strabo412Added by Strabo412

Mia was born into a prominent family of spirit mediums called the Fey clan. She grew up witnessing the rivalry between her mother, Misty Fey, and her aunt, Morgan Fey, who was next in line to be the Master of Kurain Village. Eventually, Misty usurped her older sister's position by way of her superior channeling powers. Mia did not want to have such enmity with her own little sister Maya, preferring a close sibling relationship. One day, she was caught trying to piece together the Sacred Urn of Ami Fey with Maya. A picture was taken of the event and placed inside the Kurain Talisman, which Misty wore as the Master.

On December 28, 2001, defense attorney Gregory Edgeworth was fatally shot while trapped in an elevator with his son Miles and a court bailiff named Yanni Yogi. Lacking in clues, the police resorted to having Misty Fey channel the victim, who pointed to Yogi as the killer. However, Yogi was found not criminally responsible in court. This incident disgraced the Kurain tradition, and Misty, having been deemed a fraud, disappeared.

Years later, Mia left the village and forsook her position as heir, in order to become a lawyer and find out what had really happened during that incident. Mia left Maya under Morgan's care, along with Morgan's own daughter Pearl. Despite seemingly abandoning the life of a spirit medium, Mia continued to wear a magatama until her death. While in law school, Mia befriended Lana Skye, who would later become a police detective and then the Chief Prosecutor. After graduating, Mia became a defense attorney working under Marvin Grossberg, whom she learnt, by holding an audience with the dead, was the one who had sold the information about her mother's involvement in the DL-6 Incident. She also learnt about Redd White; the man Grossberg had sold this information to, who subsequently leaked her mother's involvement to the press.

Law careerEdit

First caseEdit

Main article: Turnabout Beginnings
Mia Fey
Mia Fey at the start of her career.
Strabo412Added by Strabo412

Mia's first case was to defend escaped convict Terry Fawles from the charge of the murder of Police Sergeant Valerie Hawthorne. Mia's co-counsel for the trial was Grossberg's best lawyer at the time, Diego Armando. The prosecutor for the trial, Miles Edgeworth, happened to be the son of Gregory Edgeworth, and was new to the court system as well. During the course of the trial, Mia managed to prove that the "eyewitness" Melissa Foster was actually Dahlia Hawthorne and tried to prove that she was the real killer, but Fawles took the stand and committed suicide by drinking a vial of poison. The case emotionally scarred Mia, and she did not take another case for one year.

Meanwhile, she and Armando became a couple, and Armando began investigating Dahlia Hawthorne. Unfortunately, while Armando interviewed Dahlia, the latter slipped some poison into his coffee. Armando survived the attempt on his life, but fell into a coma.

Second caseEdit

Main article: Turnabout Memories
Mia returned to the courtroom to face an old foe.
DaTorniAdded by DaTorni

Mia eventually returned to the courtroom, taking the case of a university student named Phoenix Wright, who was charged with the murder of another student, Doug Swallow. She had taken the case because she had suspected the existence of a connection between this case and Armando's poisoning. Mia was able to get Wright an acquittal by proving that Dahlia Hawthorne had killed Swallow to cover up the fact that she had poisoned Armando. Her defense traumatized the prosecutor, Winston Payne, and he has never been the same since that case. Marvin Grossberg remarked on her refusal to give up on her client, even when everyone else had. Hawthorne was later convicted and sentenced to death for her crime.

Later yearsEdit

Miles Edgeworth
One of the biggest names in the world of law, as I'm sure you'll agree.
Bridge to the Turnabout
Mia fey
Mia Fey matured and soon owned her own firm.
KumoriAdded by Kumori

Over the next three years, Mia established her own law firm and hired her former client Phoenix Wright. She also gathered information on Redd White and the DL-6 Incident, uncovering an entire career of blackmail and names of people White had blackmailed over the years. Whether or not she learned of Grossberg's involvement in the destruction of her mother's reputation, she told Maya to call him if she ever needed a lawyer. She enlisted the help of her sister to safeguard evidence on more than one occasion. Mia then became Phoenix Wright's co-counsel in his first case, in which he represented Larry Butz in the murder of Cindy Stone.


Main article: Turnabout Sisters
The death of Mia Fey.
DaTorniAdded by DaTorni

One month after Wright's first trial, Redd White learned about Mia's investigation of him, so he visited the Fey & Co. Law Offices and killed her with a miniature statue of "The Thinker", in which Mia had been hiding legal documentation against White.

Maya grieving over her sister's body.
DaTorniAdded by DaTorni

As Mia lay dying, White took some of her blood and wrote "Maya" on a receipt for a lamp, which Mia had bought the day before. April May, an accomplice to White, "witnessed" the crime from her room at the Gatewater Hotel and called the police. Detective Dick Gumshoe discovered Maya and Wright at the scene and arrested the former for the murder.

Maya and Phoenix
Wright and Maya forming Wright & Co. Law Offices while Mia's spirit looks on.
DaTorniAdded by DaTorni

Wright took Maya's case and took on April May and prosecutor Miles Edgeworth in court, exposing May as an accomplice. Wright investigated further, eventually learning of Mia's investigation of White, and then confronted him, only to have White use the connections from his blackmailing to get Wright arrested as Mia's killer. White then stood in court as a witness to the murder, and he and Edgeworth backed Wright into a corner, causing the latter to lose all hope. However, Maya channeled Mia to help Wright, which initially caused him to faint in shock. Mia told Wright that he had already won, and she instructed him to look at the other side of the blood-stained lamp receipt to refute White's claim that he had seen the associated lamp before Mia's murder. When Edgeworth persisted and asked the judge to postpone the trial for further investigation, Mia handed to Wright a list of names to be read to White - the list of White's blackmail victims - and threatened to release the list to the press, forcing White to confess to the crime.

Posthumous mentorEdit

Channeled by MayaEdit

Maya channelling Mia.
Strabo412Added by Strabo412
Main articles: Turnabout Samurai and Turnabout Goodbyes

Mia had Maya assist in Wright's investigations to support the law firm that he had inherited from her, partly so that Mia could continue to help the fledgling attorney. During Wright's investigation into the murder of Global Studios star Jack Hammer, he came across Cody Hackins, who, although he had witnessed the murder, refused to talk. To get around this, Mia used her charm to persuade Hackins to tell them what he knew. This information, along with Mia's help in the courtroom, helped to lead to the acquittal of Wright's client Will Powers.

Wright's next case had him defend Edgeworth and take on the fearsome Manfred von Karma. Maya became unable to channel Mia, which shook her self-confidence, but Wright was able to win the case without his mentor. However, Edgeworth suddenly confessed to being the killer in the DL-6 Incident. Another trial was hurriedly prepared, and Wright took on Edgeworth's defense against von Karma. Wright had noticed that there was a bullet hole other than the one on the victim, but no other bullet had been found on the scene. When the situation seemed completely hopeless, Wright began to see glimpses of Mia, who told him that the other bullet had to be taken. Wright deduced that the killer had been shot shortly before the murder, and he implicated von Karma himself. Despite the veteran prosecutor's best efforts, Wright was able to solidify his case and close the books on the DL-6 Incident once and for all.

Channeled by PearlEdit

Main article: Reunion, and Turnabout
Mia Fey
Her clothes ARE a bit small...
Reunion, and Turnabout
Mia in Detention
Mia being channeled by an incarcerated Maya.
DaTorniAdded by DaTorni

Half a year after the second DL-6 trial, a doctor for whom Maya was performing a channeling was murdered, and Wright found himself representing her in court once again. Mia discussed the case with Wright and assured him that Maya was innocent, because Maya had a dream during the channeling, which would have been impossible had the channeling actually taken place. Mia, however, was reluctant to tell Wright more about the case because of her aunt Morgan's possible involvement in the murder, and three Psyche-Locks appeared around her. Pearl took on the role of channeling Mia in court, where Manfred von Karma's equally ruthless daughter, Franziska, used many traps and questionable techniques to strengthen her case. For instance, Franziska illegally revealed a secret photo that she had taken of Wright and Mia talking to prove the validity of the Kurain Channeling Technique. Although the evidence itself was illegal, she had already made her point.

Sisters Reunited
Sisters reunited.
DaTorniAdded by DaTorni

Later that day, Wright and Mia pushed on, discussing the background of the Kurain Channeling Technique, which would later prove useful. Wright also proceeded to figure out Mia's secret and break her Psyche-Locks. Wright eventually learned that, while "Ini Miney" had committed the actual murder, it was with the help of Morgan Fey, who wanted Maya out of the picture so that Pearl could take the Master's seat. This drove Wright to ask Pearl to serve the channeling role again, to spare her the pain of watching her mother being indicted. After Wright and Mia revealed Miney and Morgan's plot and Maya's innocence, a tearful Maya was finally able to see her elder sister again, and the two shared a loving embrace.

Maya's kidnappingEdit

Main article: Farewell, My Turnabout

After the ceremony of the Hero of Heroes Grand Prix, an assassin, Shelly de Killer, kidnapped Maya and used her to blackmail Wright via transceiver into fighting for Matt Engarde's acquittal in the Juan Corrida murder trial. Mia subsequently became Maya's line of communication to Wright and Pearl, with Maya writing messages for Mia to relay to them, in addition to fulfilling her role as Wright's mentor. However, Wright eventually found that Engarde had hired de Killer to kill Corrida. Wright told Gumshoe and Edgeworth about his predicament, and both of them put the resources of the police department to work to confront de Killer at Engarde Mansion, though the assassin managed to escape with his captive.

Maya used Mia to help Gumshoe with the search while Wright and Edgeworth tried to stall the trial until de Killer was found. Engarde had instructed de Killer to retrieve a videotape from his mansion, which he failed to do. This videotape was brought to court, and Wright told de Killer by transceiver that the videotape showed the murder, which Engarde had been planning to use as insurance, and possibly for blackmail. At this, the kidnapper broke his contract with Engarde and made him his next target. Engarde was thus forced to accept a guilty verdict, and Maya was freed and soon reunited with Wright and Pearl.

Later casesEdit

Main articles: The Stolen Turnabout & Recipe for Turnabout
2927207527 16aa803568
A channeled Mia in the Trés Bien waitress outfit.
Ace DetectiveAdded by Ace Detective

Months later, Wright took on Ron DeLite's charges of theft under the guise of Mask☆DeMasque. His opponent, Godot, apparently wanted revenge on Wright, though he would not say why.

Mia was channeled again when Wright was investigating the death of Glen Elg at the Trés Bien restaurant. A witness to the crime, Victor Kudo, was being uncooperative, but Wright figured out (by breaking his Psyche-Locks) that Kudo only visited the restaurant to look at the waitresses there. Wright fetched Maya, who had been shanghaied into a short stint as a waitress at the restaurant, but Kudo remarked that she was too young to be attractive to him, so Maya channeled Mia. Mia soon charmed the old man into giving them the information that they needed, including the restaurant owner's habit of stealing. Wright went on to face Godot in court again and won.

A legacy passed onEdit

Main article: Bridge to the Turnabout
Mia Fey
I think one day, you'll understand, too. Phoenix, I want you to remember one thing... You were as good out there today as any defense lawyer could ever hope to be. There's nothing more you can learn from me. [...] You've accomplished something I wasn't able to. I owe you a great deal. ...Thank you. [...] I'm sure we'll meet again... someday... Phoenix.
Bridge to the Turnabout

Later on, Maya was once again pulled into another usurpation plot by Morgan, involving channeling Dahlia Hawthorne, who had been executed a month prior, to kill her. However, Godot saved Maya and killed Hawthorne's "host". Maya next found herself inside the Training Hall and wrote to Mia for help. Mia told her to lock herself inside the inner room of the Training Hall, then channel Hawthorne to avoid having her channeled by someone else. These events led to the discovery of the corpse of Mia's long-lost mother Misty Fey at Hazakura Temple, who had channeled Hawthorne to prevent Pearl from doing so and unknowingly carrying out her mother's plan. Iris, a temple nun who happened to be Hawthorne's twin sister, was charged for the murder.

Wright took Iris's case to get to the bottom of what had happened. During his investigation, Maya was freed from her prison, though she was still channeling Hawthorne, who was pretending to be Iris. He once again faced Godot in court. Through this, Mia eventually met her old nemesis, who was attempting to convince everyone that Maya had killed Misty and then committed suicide. Mia broke the news that Maya had been so close, literally being her all this time, and told Hawthorne that she would always be a failure, a punishment that even death couldn't let her avoid, causing Hawthorne to leave Maya's body in anguish. Mia recognized Godot as Diego Armando, awoken from his coma. When Armando had recovered, he had learned of Mia's death and proceeded to blame Wright. Mia then left the rest to Wright at the request of Godot, who wanted to have Wright prove himself a worthy successor to her. In the end, Wright defeated Godot, who finally admitted that he was angry at himself for not being able to prevent Mia's death, and saw Mia's spirit in her successor. After the trial, Mia thanked Wright for saving Armando and told her protégé that she was sure that Mia Fey and Phoenix Wright would meet again someday.

Personality and legacyEdit

Marvin Grossberg
What does it really mean to have a relationship of mutual trust with the client? Perhaps it is we veteran lawyers who have lost sight of this.
Turnabout Memories
Mia Fey in 2016.
DaTorniAdded by DaTorni

Mia Fey could be described as clever and quick-thinking, and she was a top lawyer during her career. She was known for her bluffing tactics and her determination in the courtroom, which her boss Marvin Grossberg once noted was lacking even in veteran lawyers. She would take even the most hopeless cases if she felt that the accused was innocent. She never stopped believing in her clients, even when they had stopped believing in themselves. She would stubbornly try to find any way necessary to get the information that she needed to obtain control of the trial. Mia Fey was also known for her intimidating gestures, especially one in which she flipped her hair. As both her client and her student in law, Phoenix Wright would come to adopt many of Mia's ideals and tactics to great effect during his own law career, and pass them on to his own protégés. Mia's method of providing guidance to Wright was by trying to get him to solve things for himself by asking him questions and pointing out flaws in his case that a prosecutor would take advantage of.

Mia Fey was very diligent and determined in her legal studies as well. Before her first case, for example, she spent all night watching and studying court procedure videos. She also kept many law books in her office along with meticulous records of various cases and evidence. Wright does not appear to have inherited these character traits, as although he has kept his mentor's law books, they "make his head hurt" and once dropped a book on his foot, making his foot hurt as well. Mia was a well-known name in the world of law up until her death, as even Miles Edgeworth was said to respect her abilities in the courtroom. Marvin Grossberg commented that Gregory Edgeworth was one of the greatest lawyers around, and that only Mia could match his abilities in court.

Despite being relatively level-headed and mature, Mia did show a couple of personality quirks. She had a problem with names, calling Phoenix Wright "Wry" and Larry Butz "Harry". She also kept an office plant named Charley, which she considers the office mascot and which Wright is still taking care of. According to Dick Gumshoe, it is a Cordyline stricta.

She bears many similarities to her fellow law school alumnus Lana Skye. Both have younger sisters who have helped Phoenix Wright in his cases and both also wear scarves tied round the neck in a similar fashion.

Mia has attracted the attention of a number of male admirers including Dick Gumshoe and Larry Butz. Even when being channeled after death, Victor Kudo and even Cody Hackins were enamored with her. Just a photograph was enough to trigger an interest from "Director Hotti" and Luke Atmey.


Mia Fey.
DaTorniAdded by DaTorni
  • Her Japanese given name, "Chihiro" (千尋), can mean "great depth", or "a thousand fathoms". Shu Takumi describes her name as being a pun, with the kanji together meaning "a thousand questions", as in "If I have to ask him 1000 times, I will!" The second kanji is also the first in "cross examination".
  • The "sato" in her Japanese surname may come from the word for "village" or "home country", while the "aya" part has no particular meaning.
  • The name "Mia" is a pet form of "Maria", which is itself the Latin equivalent of "Mary". "Mary" is originally from the Hebrew for "bitterness". This could be a reference to her unpleasant death. Other possible meanings include: "rebelliousness" and "beloved-child". Her sister's given name, "Maya", is also a pet form of "Maria". "Mia" is also an anagram of "Ami", as in Ami Fey, the founder of the Fey clan. Additionally, her name shares the same letters as the acronym "MIA", which stands for "missing in action".
  • "Mia" is also a pet form of "Amalia", "Amelia", and "Emilia". "Amalia" and "Amelia" both come from the Germanic word "amal", meaning "work" or "industrious" (which would fit with Mia's hard-working attitude, particularly with respect to uncovering the truth behind her mother's disappearance), and "Emilia" is believed to originate from the Latin word "aemulus", which means "to rival", "to excel", or "to emulate" (which could all fit her formidable abilities as a defense attorney).
  • "Fey" comes from the word "fey" which can mean "magical", "fairy-like", "strange", "otherworldly" or "spellbound". An archaic meaning is "doomed to die". It may also come from Morgan le Fay, the sorceress from the legend of King Arthur.


  • Originally, Turnabout Sisters was to be the first case in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, but this was changed to enable Mia to interact with Wright more as his mentor before her death.
  • The design theme for Mia was that she was a "glamorous, beautiful big sister type". Mia's death was used to explore Maya's medium abilities. [1]
  • The mole on Mia's chin, along with her much larger bust size, serve to identify when Maya or Pearl are channeling her. Interestingly, she changes her fringe when being channeled by Maya so it bears a resemblance to her hair as a newbie defense attorney. Also, whenever she is being channeled by Pearl, her arms always obscure her cleavage, likely in an effort to keep Pearl's small clothes from exposing her chest.
  • For Mia's design as a newbie defense attorney in Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations, she was made to look more youthful by pulling her bangs down in front of her brow and slightly reducing the size of her breasts. Many of her motions were made to resemble Wright's, to show the strong effect she had on her protégé.[2]
  • In the Japanese version, she still has problems with people's names, calling "Naruhodo" (Phoenix Wright) "Naruhodou" and "Yahari" (Larry Butz) "Yappari".

Other mediaEdit

  • In Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Wright has a number of alternative costumes he can wear, the color schemes of which are all references to other characters. Maya Fey appears as some of Wright's attacks and her costume also changes depending on the one Wright is wearing. One of the choices for Wright is based on the color scheme of Miles Edgeworth's outfit, while Maya's corresponding color scheme is based on the clothing worn by Mia while alive.

Reference to popular cultureEdit

In Turnabout Memories, Mia soon despairs at the rest of the courtroom being taken in by Dahlia Hawthorne's innocent façade and thinks, "(Well, we know whose milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.)" "My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard" is the first line in the chorus of the 2003 song "Milkshake" by Kelis.

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