Autopsy report

Mia Fey's autopsy report.

Mia Fey's autopsy report was a piece of evidence in the investigation into the murder of defense attorney Mia Fey.

Role in murder investigationEdit

When Phoenix Wright asked Detective Dick Gumshoe for the autopsy report, Gumshoe gave him an outdated version of it. During the trial, when Wright presented it to contradict Gumshoe's testimony, Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth surprised the attorney by pointing out that there was a new version of the autopsy report. During Redd White's testimony, Wright presented the autopsy report in order to contradict his claim that the killer had struck the victim twice.


Time of death: 9/5 at 9:00 PM.
Cause: single blunt force trauma.
Death was instantaneous.

Later updated to:

Died from a blow by a blunt

object. May have lived for a

few minutes after being hit.

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