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Marī Miwa was the animal-loving director of the prison within which Manosuke Naitō was murdered. Her prison uses animal therapy, giving each inmate a pet to take care of as part of the rehabilitation process.

Assassination plotEdit

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Miwa and her accomplices.

Before becoming a prison director, Miwa was the director of the Happy Family Home orphanage. In 2007, she was bribed into conspiring with then Chief Prosecutor Bansai Ichiyanagi and a body double of President Teikun Ō of Zheng Fa to assassinate the real president and replace him with the body double. The conspirators hired the infamous blind assassin Ryōken Hōinbō to carry out the killing itself. They planned to betray and kill Hōinbō after the assassination so as to cover their tracks, but this scheme was overheard by a boy at the orphanage named Sōta Sarushiro, who had been saved from death by Hōinbō a number of years previously. Hōinbō was thus able to escape with his life.

Miwa and Ichiyanagi then went to dispose of the corpse. However, a photojournalist stumbled onto the crime scene and sent a voicemail message to his girlfriend about what he believed was a kidnapping in progress. He was swiftly killed by the body double, and his corpse placed near where Ō's body had been lying in the snow in order to cover up their tracks. They then replaced the photographs on the reporter's camera with that of a scene they staged of Miwa, disguised in a trenchcoat and with her face hidden, pointing a gun at the body double. This was done in order to make it seem as if a kidnapping had occurred outside the orphanage.

For the subsequent investigation into the "kidnapping", now referred to as the SS-5 Incident by law enforcement, Miwa was the only suspect that the police, led by Dai-Long Lang, could find, due to it happening outside her orphanage. However, since Ichiyanagi was the one set to prosecute the case, the evidence was soon manipulated. Thus, Miwa was acquitted and the case went cold. Miwa later interrogated Sarushiro repeatedly, knowing that he had seen the murder, but he eventually ran away.

Prison blackmailEdit


Interrogating Hōinbō.

Ichiyanagi later appointed Miwa director of both the local prison and the adjoining detention center. She strongly believed in animal therapy, and assigned each prisoner their own pet. Ryōken Hōinbō was caught and imprisoned in the same prison, and threatened Miwa and her family by claiming that he still had many henchmen roaming free. He also said that he knew about President Ō's secret son, whom Ō had planned to acknowledge publicly. This knowledge would prove that the President Ō running Zheng Fa was a fake.

Miwa thus gave in to Hōinbō's whims, mostly by smuggling in various good for him and his fellow prisoners, and giving him special treatment, including a very large special cell. Hōinbō also obtained five chisels from Miwa, which he used for wood carving. Throughout his stay, Miwa tried to help the police catch his subordinates and interrogated Hōinbō personally. However, her efforts proved fruitless.

In order to smuggle goods into the prison, she recruited Frank Sahwit, one of the inmates, with the promise of him receiving preferential treatment and a better chance for parole, as well as ignoring the fact that he had broken his electronic bracelet. Sahwit would turn off the prison's power so that Miwa could cross the normally electrified fence from her office to the prison courtyard. She would drop the goods down the courtyard's well, and spray perfume to signal Hōinbō's dog Kuro to pick them up. Sahwit would then turn the power back on, and Miwa would correct the timestamps on the security cameras so that nothing would seem amiss.

Prison murderEdit

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Fearing for her life.

In March 2019, Manosuke Naitō was arrested and detained in the holding cell. Miwa soon discovered that he had been engaging in correspondence chess with Hōinbō. Convinced that he was one of Hōinbō's "dogs", Miwa resolved to deal with him. She wrote a report on her suspicions of Naitō to Ichiyanagi, and told him to recover the real president's body. She then waited until March 27, when she would be scheduled to smuggle goods into the prison, and when the Berry Big Circus would arrive to perform for the prisoners.

Early in the morning, Miwa interrogated Naitō. During the session, she searched his belongings and found a small chisel inside a chessboard. Miwa saw this as a sign that Naitō was indeed in cahoots with Hōinbō, and killed him using the knife that had been confiscated from Hōinbō by the police, which had custom-made bells attached to it. Miwa decided to frame Hōinbō for the crime so that he would at least be transferred to a different prison.

Miwa took the bells from the knife and attached them to the chisel. She then repeatedly stabbed Naitō's neck with the chisel and planted it there to make it seem as if it were the murder weapon. When Sahwit cut the power as usual, Miwa wrapped the body in a sheet to prevent a blood trail and tied it to a contraption that had been set up over the well for the circus's performance. During the subsequent circus show, the contraption was unwittingly used to send the body to the bottom of the well. Kuro then picked up the body, which was eventually found in one of the workrooms. Miwa specially chose this method in order to give herself an alibi.

Miles Edgeworth, the prosecutor in charge of Naitō's case, visited the detention center only to discover that his suspect had been killed. The murder weapon became a large point of contention between Edgeworth and Hakari Mikagami, a member of the Prosecutorial Investigation Committee, who had Bansai's son Yumihiko take charge of the case. During the investigation, Miwa hid the real murder weapon inside her pet alligator Ally. Despite these efforts, Edgeworth found the knife, and Miwa was arrested for the murder.

On trialEdit

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Miwa was soon put on trial for Naitō's murder, with Mikagami as the judge, Yumihiko as the prosecutor, and Tsubasa Kagome as her defense attorney. Problems arose even before the trial began when Kagome was murdered by Bansai and Yumihiko ran away. The two attorneys were replaced by prosecutor Franziska von Karma and defense attorney Tateyuki Shigaraki. However, the trial soon ground to a halt when all of the evidence for the case vanished.

Shigaraki and von Karma stalled the trial while Edgeworth looked for Yumihiko and Mikagami's son Shimon Aizawa, whom Bansai had allegedly kidnapped in order to threaten Mikagami into acquitting Miwa. It turned out that Yumihiko had given the evidence to Bansai, who had thrown it away to cover for his former co-conspirator. Yumihiko eventually returned and confronted his father using the small piece of evidence that he had managed to retrieve from the garbage dump, which proved that Bansai had thrown the evidence away. With Aizawa rescued, Miwa's guilty verdict became all but certain, and would only be delayed so that all of the evidence could be recovered from the dump. Miwa snapped and openly berated Bansai for not being able to cover up her crime. As a result of this trial, Bansai's authority to seal the SS-5 Incident files was revoked, allowing Edgeworth to reveal the truth behind that case once and for all.




Miwa had a habit of being overly affectionate when greeting people by both hugging and kissing them. She came across as motherly, and referred to both her orphanage and her prison as her "home". However, she had a darker and crueller side, as not only was she willingly bribed into assisting with the SS-5 Incident, but she was also not averse to threatening children and murdering other people if it benefited her.

Miwa wore a white fox around her neck, which was alive and usually copied her facial expressions. At one point, she even spoke through it. Her coat is also made entirely of live foxes, which jumped off her during her breakdown to reveal a blue and white striped convict shirt underneath.


  • Her full Japanese name comes from "mimawari", which means "patrol".
  • Miwa's English name in the unofficial English fan translation of Gyakuten Kenji 2 is "Patricia Roland"; the prefixes "Pat" and "Rol" form the word "patrol", which is a reference to her original Japanese name.