Jean Greyerl
I have to agree! The exhilaration felt from solving a puzzle is like a beam of light in the mind.
Hershel Layton
...It is the light of the future. The intellectual illumination within our lives.

Episode 7: Making Money is the seventh special episode for Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. The main characters continue their return tour of Labyrinthia. While short on funds, they decide (at Maya Fey's suggestion) to pay a visit to Jean Greyerl to see if she can transmute them some gold.

The alchemist's houseEdit

Maya Fey, Phoenix Wright, Luke Triton, Espella Cantabella and Hershel Layton returned to the Town Centre to listen to Birdly singing "The Ballad of Emeer Punchenbaug I: The Man with the Golden Dream", which had been stolen from Bardly. Triton then realized that they were running out of money. Fey suggested that they pawn something valuable to Price for extra cash. Layton, slightly disconcerted by Fey gazing at his right arm, told her to stop.

The group then went to the alchemist's house to meet Jean Greyerl. She said that she had been able to live a more relaxed life since revealing that she was a girl, though according to Lettie Mailer, the girls in Labyrinthia had been sending Greyerl fan mail. Greyerl had decided to study medical science, and her parents had moved into Newton Belduke's house with her. A short while ago, Greyerl had been searching for medicinal herbs in the Eldwitch Woods, which were now called the Nulwitch Woods.

Greyerl's teachers, Primstone and Ridelle Mystere, arrived. Mystere drilled Greyerl with puzzles, then challenged Layton with one. Afterward, Primstone told them that puzzles led to nothing but trouble, sparking an objection from Mystere, Greyerl and Layton.