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Lotta Hart
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Lotta Hart
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Lotta Hart OA

One-off nicknames

Lotta Hair*
"The person with the fluffy cotton candy hair"*
"That foreign lady"*
"That camera woman"*
Occupation Investigative photographer ( - Dec. 28, 2016)
Paranormal photographer (Dec. 28, 2016 - June 22, 2017)
Tabloid photographer (June 22, 2017 - )
Names in other languages
Japanese* 大沢木ナツミ (Natsumi Oosawagi)
French Eva Cozésouci
German Lotta Hart
Spanish Lotta Hart
Italian Lotta Hart
Biological information
Birth year 1994?
Age 22*- 24*
Status* Alive
Eye color Brown
Hair color Red
Height* 5'2"; 158 cm
Family An unnamed father
An unnamed sister
Friends Phoenix Wright
Maya Fey
Mikiko Hayami (journalist protégé and rival)
Affiliates Gourdy (former investigation target)
Morgan Fey (host at Kurain Village)
Dick Gumshoe
Bansai Ichiyanagi (former investigation target)
Borumosu (former investigation target)
Miles Edgeworth
Musical* Maira Mikaze
Film* Mitsuki Tanimura
Debut episode Turnabout Goodbyes
Leitmotif "Blissful People"
Lotta Hart
What! Don't try to play stupid with me just 'cause you think I'm some country bumpkin! Yeah, I know how y'all Yanks think! "I say, those southern folks talk with that exaggerated drawl, why they must be dumb!" Well let me tell you, just because I might be dumb don't mean we all are!
Turnabout Goodbyes

Lotta Hart is a fiery-tempered photographer who appeared as a witness in several of Phoenix Wright's cases, with much of the photographic evidence in said cases coming from her.

Early lifeEdit

According to her, Hart was born and raised in the "Heart of the Heartland". She was originally at college, but after believing to have taken a picture of a "yoofoh" (U.F.O.) in her sister's graduation photograph, she left college to become an "investigative photographer".

The hunt for GourdyEdit

Main article: Turnabout Goodbyes
Lotta Hart
Second-rate shutterbugs trying to steal my scoop!
Turnabout Goodbyes
Gourdy article

The Gourdy article.

Phoenix Wright's first encounter with the fiery redhead was during the murder trial of Miles Edgeworth. She had heard about Gourdy and planned to capture a photograph of the beast. Going by an article in the local newspaper, Hart set up a camera on the shore of Gourd Lake that was set to respond to loud noises. She then pretended to be a college student taking photographs of meteor showers so as to throw off any "shutterbugs" that might try to steal her scoop.

Lotta Hart Angry 1

Wright's first meeting with Hart was a little bumpy at first.

Wright and Maya Fey came across the camera and Fey (in her typical do-without-thinking way) set off a party popper to activate the device. Hart soon arrived on the scene, absolutely furious that Fey had wasted precious film. However, after conversing with the two of them, she believed she may have observed the murder the previous night and also that her camera had been triggered twice that night. Hart told Wright about a photo she had taken of the lake showing the murder, and that she was going to make an enlarged version. She then went to the police station to act as a witness, and in doing so replaced the original witness the police were going to use.


The enlarged photo.

Before the trial, Hart showed her photos to prosecutor Manfred von Karma, who instructed her to rehearse an intentionally vague account of the murder to not show the enlarged photograph in court. Wright took the defense's bench and could not break through Hart's testimony at first, but after an outburst by Fey, Hart let slip that she had not seen Edgeworth clearly. Wright eventually revealed Hart's real reason for being on the lake that night along with the fact that she hadn't actually witnessed the murder; she had just convinced herself she had. Wright also got Hart to show the enlarged photo, which presented enough doubt to extend the trial to another day.


A ghost?

Hart later apologized to Wright for her actions in court as she had gotten caught up in the moment, and promised to make it up to him with information. However, in return she wanted evidence either proving or disproving the existence of Gourdy. Wright eventually proved that "Gourdy" was in fact a stray Steel Samurai balloon. Disheartened, Hart revealed that the original witness was the boat shop owner and gave Wright a copy of the other photo taken that night. Although this photograph was only of the empty lake, it was the timestamp on it that revealed that Robert Hammond had been murdered before Edgeworth had arrived on the scene.

After Edgeworth was found innocent, Hart took a picture of the triumphant group and was shocked to find a ghost was in the picture. This ghost was Wright's deceased mentor: Mia Fey.

At Kurain VillageEdit

Main article: Reunion, and Turnabout
Phoenix Wright
Lotta! At a time like this!?
Lotta Hart
Times like this are perfect for snapping up shots!
Reunion, and Turnabout

Lotta Channeling Photo 1

The first photograph.

The next time Wright encountered Hart was a year later in Kurain Village. She was a self-styled "paranormal photographer" and was in search of another big scoop. She was present outside Fey Manor's Channeling Chamber when Turner Grey was shot and dashed into the room with Wright to find what appeared to be a possessed Maya Fey covered in blood, with the dead body of Grey lying in his own blood. Hart quickly snapped a couple of photographs (despite protests from Wright) before being herded from the room by Morgan Fey.

Hart testified during Fey's trial for Grey's murder, with her temper clashing with that of prosecutor Franziska von Karma. Although Wright tried to find a contradiction in her testimony, he was forced to admit that, in her position, he would say the same. The first photograph was submitted as evidence and appeared to show Maya standing over Grey's corpse with a pistol in her hand.

Lotta Channeling Photo 2

The second photograph.

With a little prodding from Mia Fey, Wright remembered that Hart had taken two photographs and that, like her father, Franziska had tried to conceal the presence of a second photograph by ordering Hart not to reveal it. Her plan failed and the second photograph was shown to the court.

Later on, Hart regretted helping out the prosecution and tried to avoid Wright, running away from him. As she ran, she yelled behind her for Wright to stay away as she was "a worthless piece of trash" and that if Wright laid eyes on her "they'll turn ta dust". Nonetheless, Wright wearily pursued her to the Side Room of Fey Manor. The room appeared to be empty, and so Wright searched the room only to get the fright of his life when Hart jumped out from inside a large box used to store clothes and fled once again. Although Wright attempted to chase her again, she managed to evade him this time. Hart did pass Pearl Fey during her escape and demanded that the little girl not look so accusingly at her, much to Pearl's confusion.

Later, while Wright was pondering over the involvement of the Miney sisters in the case, he heard what he thought was a mosquito buzzing in his ear. This turned out to be Hart trying to attract his attention. She apologised for her actions in court and offered all the information she had for free. Hart told Wright that if Maya wasn't the culprit, then it would only be Ini Miney and informed him about her hospitalisation half a year earlier. She gave Wright the address of the Hotti Clinic, where Ini was hospitalised, saying that the reason she hadn't checked it out for herself was that it was too much effort. Upon his return from the clinic, Hart informed Wright that Morgan that she had gone with the police as she had something to tell them. She also told Wright about how Morgan had lost the position of Master to her younger sister Misty, forcing her family to become a powerless branch family.

Luckily for Wright, the information he obtained from Hart and the clinic proved vital to his case, as it lead to his discovery that "Ini" was actually Mimi Miney and the true murderer of Dr. Grey, with help from Morgan Fey. The fact that the clothing box that Hart had hidden in was large enough to hide a grown (although not particularly mature) woman also proved to be vital to the investigation, as it turned out to have been used in the murder plot to transport a drugged Maya Fey.

Hart's experience of the incident made her decide to change her job from "paranormal photographer" to "tabloid photographer" shortly afterwards.

Tabloid workEdit

Main article: Farewell, My Turnabout
Lotta Hart
You sure you went to school, City Boy? Wherever Lotta Hart goes, there's a story to be found! A big scoop to be had!
Farewell, My Turnabout

Lotta Hart appeared at the Gatewater Imperial Hotel during the Hero of Heroes Grand Prix in order to get a tabloid scoop on the scandal between Adrian Andrews and Juan Corrida. She wrote a note saying that Matt Engarde had made Adrian Andrews get close to Juan Corrida keep an eye on him (as they were rivals). Wendy Oldbag, a security guard at the hotel, stole Hart's camera, and used it to take a picture of the Nickel Samurai (really Adrian Andrews) leaving the crime scene. Corrida was murdered shortly after the Grand Prix, and the photos on Hart's camera were initially used as evidence against Engarde. Wright took Engarde's case but eventually found out that he really had done the deed.

Hart congratulated Wright after the trial. She also bought a $1600 camera and put Wright's name on the bill.

The YatagarasuEdit

Main article: Turnabout Ablaze

Hart was spotted by Miles Edgeworth and Kay Faraday during a Steel Samurai show at an embassy. Edgeworth vaguely remembered her but avoided interacting with her due to a feeling that talking to her would be very unpleasant for him. She later took a photo of the Yatagarasu apparently flying above the rose garden in the embassy.

Journalistic "master" and pupilEdit

Main articles: The Forgotten Turnabout & The Grand Turnabout

Ladder redcoat

Hart's first photo.

In April of 2019, Hart took on another investigation, this time into the activities of prosecutor Bansai Ichiyanagi. To that end, she hid herself in the Prosecutorial Investigation Committee Headquarters' warehouse one night, only to witness two extraordinary sights: a man in red on his way to the roof, his hand bloodied, and even more shockingly, the titanic eye of the film monster Borumosu peering through the window of the room she was hiding in. When Miles Edgeworth arrived to investigate the attempted murder of Kay Faraday and the murder of Tsubasa Kagome not long after, she reluctantly explained her "scoop" to him after he interrogated her with logic, and testified about the case the following day.

Intro theeye

The eye of the "monster".

After Kagome's case was resolved, Hart accompanied Edgeworth and Faraday to the building's warehouse once more as they sought out a strange transceiver, which was found to have been placed there by Shelly de Killer in order to provide Edgeworth with a message about the case. Soon after, the trio left the building and were accosted by Penny Nichols, who had found the body of Zheng Fa president Teikun Ō at a nearby Global Studios filming lot. Excited at the chance for another scoop, Hart accompanied Edgeworth and Faraday to the scene, but preferred to take pictures rather than assist the two.

Reapper lotta

Hart in front of the Big Tower.

Shortly thereafter, she left in pursuit of Shi-Long Lang, the official investigator of the case, believing that he would have a better gasp on what was happening than Edgeworth. Unable to gleam any infomation from him, she returned to the committee headquarters to find her protégé and rival Mikiko Hayami also in pursuit of the "monster" Hart had seen. Unfortunately for both of them, Edgeworth revealed that said monster had been nothing more than a Berry Big Circus balloon Sōta Sarushiro had commandeered, and Hart accompanied Edgeworth, Hayami, and the others to the circus to confront Sarushiro. Edgeworth went on to prove that Sarushiro was the mastermind behind all the events he had recently encountered, and so the latter was arrested.


Lotta Hart
I-I didn't mean anything bad! I know I can be a little mean, but I ain't evil!
Phoenix Wright
(Well, at least she knows herself...)
Reunion, and Turnabout

Lotta Hart's mugshot.

Hart is fierce and loud, but well-meaning. She defends her secrets ferociously, but she is always willing to help Wright (and later Edgeworth), just not for free. Hart is often single-minded in the pursuit of her goals and gets aggravated if she thinks people are mocking her or her homeland. Although she was a paranormal photographer at one point, she is "really bad when it comes to blood and ghosts and stuff"; leaping into situations without forethought is another character trait of hers. Hart also had a habit of changing her job each time Wright met her, although it usually incorporated her photography abilities.

Hart has a strong southern accent. Because of this, many people have a problem understanding what she is saying. This is also because she has a habit of shortening sentences into short phrases that she has invented, such as saying "Reckon course", which means "Ya reckon? Of course I did!". Her accent and manner of speech has made some people think negatively of her, such as Franziska von Karma and Morgan Fey, the latter even believing her to be from a different country altogether. Nonetheless, with some effort, she is able to speak without her accent (or, in her words, "talk Yank").


  • Her Japanese surname, "Oosawagi", means "clamour" or "uproar".
  • "Lotta Hart" is a play on "a lot of heart", which refers to her well-meaning nature. There have been a few times in which her name has been used for a play on words. Wright once stated that she was in a whole "Lotta" trouble, as Lotta often hides information from him. When Wright encounters her again after a year, one of the options for remembering her name is "Lotta Hair", in reference to her afro.
  • Her full French name is a play on "elle va causer (des) soucis", which means "she'll be trouble".


  • Hart was the designer's idea of a stereotypical person from Osaka. Apparently the developers in the Osaka Capcom offices did not appreciate the implication that people from Osaka are cheapskates.[1]
  • The dialect of Osaka is a favorite with Japanese authors, manga, and anime artists for representing a character somewhat "different" from the norm. To keep this "difference" in dubbed anime, characters are often given the Southern United States accent instead. This is most likely the origin of Hart's style of speech.
  • In the French version of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice For All, she at one point comments on Morgan Fey's behavior by saying, "Je veux être calife à la place du calife" ("I want to be Caliph instead of the Caliph"). This is a reference to the catchphrase of the titular character of the French comics series Iznogoud, who is constantly trying to usurp the Caliph to whom he is second-in-command (thus mirroring Morgan Fey's lust for power). The phrase has even entered everyday French for referring to over-ambitious people who want to become the boss.


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