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This page contains a list of the character profiles in Miles Edgeworth's organizer for each case in Gyakuten Kenji 2.

Turnabout TargetEdit

Gumshoe-mug Dick Gumshoe
• Age: 32
• Gender: Male
Homicide detective at the local precinct. In charge of the initial investigation.

The Imprisoned TurnaboutEdit

The Inherited TurnaboutEdit

Tateyuki youngTateyuki Tateyuki Shigaraki
• Age: 18 → 36
• Gender: Male
Works part-time at the Edgeworth Law Offices. Aiming to be a lawyer.

Tenkai youngIsseitenkai2019mugshot Issei Tenkai
• Age: 39 → 57
• Gender: Male
My client in this case. Regarded as the world's greatest pastry chef.

Isaku Profile Isaku Hyōdō
• Age: 38
• Gender: Male
The victim in this case. Found dead inside Mr. Tenkai's dessert.

Tsukasa youngTsukasaoyashiki2019 Tsukasa Oyashiki
• Age: 16 → 34
• Gender: Female
Issei's assistant and housekeeper. A huge fan of Paul Holic's works.

Badd young Tyrell Badd
• Age: 42
• Gender: Male
Eagle-eyed homicide detective in charge of this case. The strong silent type.

YutakakazamipastYutakakazami Yutaka Kazami
• Age: 36 → 54
• Gender: Male
A contestant in the Great Dessert Contest. Specialty is candy.

AAIUnknownProfileDelishscone mug Delicy Scone
• Age: ??
• Gender: Female
A pastry chef. Said to use any means to achieve her goals.
↳A pastry chef. Her nickname is Ms. Delicious. Hails from England.

GK Karma mugshot Manfred von Karma
• Age: 49
• Gender: Male
The prosecutor in this case. Holds the legend of being undefeated for 25 years.

The Forgotten TurnaboutEdit

The Grand TurnaboutEdit

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