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This page contains a list of the character profiles in Miles Edgeworth's organizer for each case in Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth.

Turnabout VisitorEdit

Sinji mugshot ??? → Buddy Faith
• Age: ?? → 29
• Gender: ?? → Male
The victim in this case. Why was he killed in my office?
↳A detective in this precinct, and the victim. Why was he killed in my office?

Gumshoe-mug Dick Gumshoe
• Age: 32
• Gender: Male
Homicide detective at the local precinct. In charge of the initial investigation.

Gkyuuki Jacques Portsman
• Age: 29
• Gender: Male
A high prosecutor with this prosecutor's office. It's my first time speaking with him.

Maggey1 Maggey Byrde
• Age: 23
• Gender: Female
Gumshoe knew her from when she was an officer. She now works as nighttime security.

Turnabout AirlinesEdit

The Kidnapped TurnaboutEdit

Turnabout ReminiscenceEdit

Turnabout AblazeEdit

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