A case maker or trial maker is an editor designed to emulate the game mechanics of the Ace Attorney games, and is used to create fan-made games in the style of the series. This page describes the most prominent case makers.

Ace Attorney OnlineEdit

Ace Attorney Online is a web-based case maker that makes and saves cases as pages in the website. The editor allows users to upload their own sprites, music, backgrounds, and sound effects into their trials. Although it lacks some of the more involved game mechanics, some users have taken advantage of the available resources to replicate them.



Phoenix Wright: Remnants of the Past "cover" image.

Phoenix Wright Library (PWLib) is a module for the Anime Image Game Engine, both of which are being developed by KSA_Tech. As such, it is a script-based case maker, which offers more flexibility than other case makers, but is more technically demanding. It is notable for being the first case maker to offer fully functional basic game mechanics, including game saving. It is also currently the only case maker that features working bracelet and 3D examination mechanics.

A notable fangame using PWLib is Phoenix Wright: Remnants of the Past, although it is in something of a "development hell".


PyWright is a casemaker made by saluk and programmed in Python. Originally, cases made with PyWright had one screen like the Game Boy Advance games, and this feature remains as an alternate viewing mode. One notable PyWright case is Turnabout Substitution.

Attorney Online Edit

Attorney Online is a multiplayer chat game in the style of the Ace Attorney series. With the help of other people, it is possible to take part in pre-made and user-created cases. It features most character sprites and can be modded to add in custom content.

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