Life is Wonderful (人生は素晴らしい Jinsei wa Subarashī) is the second opening theme of Gyakuten Saiban: Sono “Shinjitsu”, Igiari!, the Ace Attorney anime adaptation. It is used from Reunion and Turnabout - 1st Trial onwards.

The song was written by mildsalt, composed by Takafumi Iwasaki, performed by Johnny's WEST, and arranged by Yasutaka Mizushima.


Life is Wonderful

A scene from the opening sequence.

The first scene opens with a shot of the Scales of Justice shining brightly, then a close-up of Phoenix Wright's steps as he walks onwards inside of the courtroom, with the Judge looking from far above. On his left, Larry Butz is seen cheering for him from the audience seats, with Pearl Fey and Maya Fey doing the same from the defense's bench. From the prosecutor's bench on his right, Dick Gumshoe is smiling at him and Franziska von Karma pleasingly readies her whip, while Miles Edgeworth stands with crossed arms, a serious look and his eyes closed. Wright stands tall and turns around, looking at the bright sky through the courtroom's glass roof.

The following scenes are shown on rotating split screens. During the morning, Phoenix is sleeping at the desk on his office, with his suit and suitcase laying on the armchair; while Maya is meditating under a waterfall in Kurain Village while Pearl watches from the riverside. Phoenix wakes up in a hurry while Maya slowly opens her eyes; the former is then shown riding his bycicle across a field in the city outskirts, while the latter walks through the water, towards the riverside. Phoenix yanws and loses his balance; Maya sneezes and slips up. They both fall down and laugh.

The split screens keep rotating on the next scenes. Close-ups of Wright's Signal Blue and Edgeworth's Signal Red figures hanging from their suitcases are shown, as Wright eagerly runs across a quiet city during daytime, while Edgeworth calmly walks across a crowded city at night. Both lawyers pause for a few seconds and turn around, stare off into space, smile and resume their paths. The last split screen shows Wright and Edgeworth slamming their respective tables in court. They point at each other while arguing during a trial, and cut-ins showing their eyes appear on-screen, much like the ones used during cross-examinations. However, both panels suddenly scroll down, to reveal both of them smiling at each other. Three brief shots appear, showcasing a radio transceiver, a woman in a space suit, and the Steel Samurai with the Pink Princess and the Jammin' Ninja.

The next sequence beings with Phoenix Wright illuminated by a spotlight in the Berry Big Circus. Startled, he falls into the stage, avoiding being crushed with a huge gavel by the judge, who appears as a menacing giant. Moe passes by as Wright keeps running, this time from a giant Franziska von Karma who tries to whip him. Her whip smashes the floor, causing Wright to jump across several rings of fire while Regina Berry accompanies him, riding Léon. Wright lands in a seesaw and Russell Berry jumps on top of the other side, sending him to the air while Money and Regent join the others to watch him. Scared, he keeps flying across the circus, with Max Galactica joining him and performing a dissapearing act while Ben and Trilo pass by. Phoenix's hands are caught by Acro, who is swinging on a flying trapeze. Acro lets him go once again, and the camera rotates around a frightened Phoenix to reveal the same act being performed by Bat and Maya on the other side. Maya happily extends her arms to receive him.

Life is Wonderful - Phoenix and Mia

Phoenix and Mia surrounded by sunflowers, mirroring a scene from the previous opening.

Phoenix Wright suddenly opens his eyes. He is standing in a field of sunflowers, surrounded by petals blowing in the wind. He looks behind his back, and notices Mia Fey standing a few steps away, smiling while she faces the opposite direction. She turns around to look directly at him, prompting him to smile back at her. Phoenix looks around, revealing he is standing in the city outskirts, soon joined by Maya, Pearl, Larry, Gumshoe, von Karma and Edgeworth (who has his back against the others). All seven of them then watch the sunrise, shining brightly behind the buildings in the city.

The word "逆転 Gyakuten" slides across the screen, followed by two brief shots: the first featuring the characters of Reunion, and Turnabout (Pearl Fey, Morgan Fey, Lotta Hart, Ini Miney and Turner Grey) outside the Fey Manor; the second showcasing the characters of Turnabout Big Top (Max Gallactica, Regina and Russell Berry, Moe, Ben and Trilo, Acro and Bat) in the Berry Big Circus entrance. The word "裁判 Saiban" appears on screen this time, followed by a shot with the characters from Farewell, My Turnabout (Matt Engarde, Adrian Andrews, Juan Corrida, Wendy Oldbag, Will Powers and Shelly de Killer) in the Gatewater Hotel lobby; then a shot of Franziska von Karma and Miles Edgeworth crossing arms, back to back outside the Police department, with Winston Payne, Detective Gumshoe and the Blue Badger behind them.

The last scene shows Phoenix Wright in the courtroom once again, with his attorney's badge shining, and readying his index finger in front of the Scales of Justice. He points towards the screen with a smiling expression on his face. Black motion lines appear on a white background and form a circle that shines yellow, revealing the franchise's symbol, then the logo of the anime.


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Japanese Romanization English






挑み続けることさ そうだろう


新しい明日を 探そう

自分次第だろ がっつり行こうぜ!




Kokoro no pazuru hajike chitte
Shin'ya no kaeri, tsukare kitte
Magarikado, machigaete
Shiranai michi ni deta

Ikite yuku koto no hanbun wa
Kabe ni buchi ataru bakarida
Nokosa reta hanbun wa
Sore o norikoete yuku tameda

Jinsei wa subarashii
Dare yori mo hokorashii
Hitotsu, hitotsu
Akiramezu ni tamerawazu ni ike!

Mirai to wa nanafushigi
Shinjireba kanau yume
Boku to, boku to
Atarashii ashita o sakebou

Hajimete mita sono keshiki wa
Kujiketa boku no me o samashita
Sugu ie nosoba na noni
Mabushii kanosora

Boku ga manabubeki koto nante
Seikai ga aru wake janakute
Sono kotae dasu tame ni
Idomi tsudzukeru koto-sa-soudarou

Jinsei wa subarashii
Itsu datte utsukushii
Hitotsu, hitotsu
Kumiawasete omoiegaite ku

Umaku iku wake janai
Nandodemo torai shite
Kimi to, kimi to
Atarashii ashita o sagasou

Zettai no pinchi ka (donna)
Zekkō no chansu ka (toki mo)
Jibun shidaidaro gattsuri ikou ze!

Jinsei wa subarashii
Dare yori mo hokorashii
Hitotsu, hitotsu
Akiramezu ni tamerawazu ni ike!

Mirai to wa nanafushigi
Shinjireba kanau yume
Boku to, boku to
Atarashii ashita o sakebou

Boku to, boku to
Subarashii ashita o sakebou

The puzzle in my mind has split and scattered
Midnight has returned, and I feel exhausted
Just made a wrong move at a street corner
I went onto the road I didn’t know

Half the life I live
Is always slamming into walls
The other half of it
Is going to climb over that

Life is wonderful
Feel prouder than anyone else
One thing, one thing
Let’s go without hesitation and never give up!

The future being the Seven Wonders of the World
Believe it and your dreams come true
With me, with me
Let’s shout for the new tomorrow

The landscape I saw for the first time
Made the discouraged me come to my senses
Even though it was just from my doorstep
The radiant summer sky

There's a lot I have to learn
and the truth isn't always present
so in order to find that solution
I'll keep challenging

Life is wonderful
Always beautiful
Step by step
Go gather together and imagine it

It doesn't mean it'll go smoothly
even trying it a number of times
With you, with you
let's search for a new tomorrow

Is this an absolute crisis? (At any...)
Or is this the perfect chance? (... time)
Seems like it's up to me! Let's go with all our might!

Life is wonderful
More magnificent than anyone else
Step by step
Without giving up, without hesitating, go

The future's the Seven Wonders
If you believe, the dream will come true
With me, with me
Let's shout for the new tomorrow

With me, with me
Let's shout for the wonderful tomorrow

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