Kurukuru Tei
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Organization info
Leader Taifu Toneido (- May 12, 2018)
Hierarchical structure Yose theater
Relevant cases Turnabout Storyteller

Kurukuru Tei is a yose where the Toneido school of rakugo live and perform.

Areas within the yose Edit

To get to the backstage, one enters through the staff entrance, which is generally only accessible to Taifu Toneido, Uendo Toneido, and Geiru Toneido, however close friends of the troupe such as Bucky Whet and Simon Blackquill are granted permission to enter the backstage hallway.


Geiru out in the yard.

Within the hallway, there is an exit to the yard outside, where Geiru's pet dog, Jugemu, lives.

Taifu crime scene 1

Taifu's body in the dressing room.

Across from the exit to the yard is the door to the dressing room, where the members of the Toneido troupe prepare to get ready to perform. The dressing room is where the murder of Taifu Toneido took place.

At the end of the hallway is an exit to the stage, where the members of the troupe perform. The stage is broadcasted to the television in the dressing room.

Name Edit

  • Kurukuru Tei comes from it's Japanese name 来来亭 (Kurukurutei), meaning "come come place," perhaps referencing the fact that it is a place of entertainment and inviting people to come in.
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