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Pearl Fey
There are six lines to the Sacred Writings. Cleanse thy soul... Open the door to the spiritual realm beyond... Converse with the departed... ...Cast on thyself Protection... Maintain the spell... Release the spell...

The Kurain Channeling Technique is the spirit channeling technique practiced by the Fey clan of spirit mediums from Kurain Village, based on the channeling techniques from the Kingdom of Khura'in. The leader of the family is known as the Master of the Kurain Channeling Technique. Maya Fey is the current holder of this title. Learning the technique takes years of training and studying, and, as of 2028, only Maya and Pearl Fey are capable of channeling spirits.

How the technique worksEdit


Mia Fey being channeled by Maya Fey.


Tahrust Inmee being channeled by Maya Fey.

When a Fey performs the Kurain Channeling Technique, her body transforms into a likeness of the person she channels. This change extends to her voice and physical appearance, although her hair and clothes remain the same. From this point, the channeled spirit takes control of the body, and the medium loses consciousness and is unaware of anything the spirit does during the channeling. This unconsciousness is complete, unlike regular sleep in which people dream.

When a spirit is channeled, the medium's height, figure, voice, and even body marks like moles or tattoos change to the spirit's, regardless of gender, though the medium's hair stays the same. The first mentioned case of a member of the clan channeling a male spirit is that of Gregory Edgeworth, though this was not shown. In his early years as an attorney, Phoenix Wright only saw female spirits being channeled, namely: Mia Fey. However, during a trial in Khura'in, he had Maya channel the spirit of Tahrust Inmee, and her entire appearance changed to his. Only female members of the clan inherit the ability to use the technique.

One limitation of the technique is that two people may not simultaneously channel the same spirit. However, one medium can "steal" a spirit from a less powerful medium,[1] as well as prevent a less powerful medium from channeling a spirit by channeling it herself.

The spirit generally leaves voluntarily. However, according to Morgan Fey, it is possible to remove a spirit and send it back to the afterlife without its consent, by using the "Spirit Severing Technique". It is unknown what this technique entails as it was only mentioned once and never actually used at that time. The technique may even be a fabrication used by Morgan to cover up the truth behind a murder. Regardless of the existence of such a technique, one example of a spirit leaving involuntarily is when Dahlia Hawthorne's spirit was mocked by Mia Fey until she vacated her host; the other is by using the Magatama of Parting, as done to remove Tahrust from Maya.

The Kurain Sacred Writings on the folding screen in Fey Manor's Channeling Chamber contain six lines related to channeling.

Additional notesEdit

According to Morgan and Maya Fey, an experienced medium can "control" a channeled spirit for a lengthy period of time, and can send the spirit at will. However, the exact nature of the "control" the medium is supposed to have is unclear in general. For example, Misty Fey, the Master of the Kurain Channeling Technique at the time, made no apparently successful effort to stop the attempts of a spirit she channeled to murder her daughter Maya Fey.


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