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Klimt van Zieks
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Klimt van Zieks was an English prosecutor and serial killer who had lived from 1857 to 1890. He was responsible for at least 4 murders in London, working under the alias "Professor" while doing so. During his spree, another prosecutor eventually found out who the the Professor really was, making van Zieks prone to blackmail. He is also the older brother of Barok van Zieks, also a prosecutor.

Killing as the "Professor"Edit

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Prosecutor van Zieks

With Barok when he first became a prosecutor.

Prosecutor Klimt van Zieks was responsible for at least 4 deaths in the area of London, working under the alias "The Professor." He had eventually found out that a Noble of Britain was victimising the rest of London in order to save himself. Frustrated and angered by this, as van Zieks was not able to do anything about it considering the perpetrator was a Noble, decided to go on a killing spree with his dog, Balmung. In that time, he had murdered at least three Nobles in London, his method of murder not being of that with a knife or a firearm, but rather his dog. All of Klimt's victims had their throat torn open by what seemed like a dog.

After Klimt's first murder, another prosecutor known as Hart Vortex came to know of Klimt van Zieks' true colours. Vortex then proceeded to blackmail van Zieks by threatening to tell the truth to his wife and brother. Vortex ordered him to kill three other high ranking nobles. One of those victims was the Chief Justice at the time and also Klimt's mentor, who Vortex wanted killed so that he could assume the position. With this, van Zieks was at a stalemate.

A Duel to the DeathEdit

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Genshin and Klimt

Writing his will with Genshin behind him before their duel.

During the time that van Zieks was still active as a serial killer, a Japanese exchange student studying in London had pinpointed the identity of the Professor. Shocked by this, Asōgi went to Hart Vortex, begging him to have the police force make a move. Vortex refused, as he thought that Asōgi lacked decisive evidence. Asōgi backed down later on and resorted to his own methods.

Late at night, Asōgi snuck into Klimt van Zieks' residence, cornering him. To give the Professor an honourable death, Genshin proposed that they duel, and van Zieks accepted on two conditions; that he be able to write a will confessing his sins and his crimes, and secondly, for someone to help his wife, who was pregnant. Asōgi agreed, and they both dueled. van Zieks was stabbed in the heart, causing his death. Genshin then ran out of van Zieks' residence, leaving his corpse behind and incriminating himself. Klimt van Zieks was henceforth treated as the Professor's fifth and final victim at Asōgi's trial.

Baskerville Lady

Klimt's wife pregnant with Iris Watson.

Klimt's will contained a confession of his crimes as the Professor, as well as Vortex's role in the murders. In the postscript, he states that his only worry was how his deeds would affect his brother. He hoped that Barok would forgive him, but did not ask for his understanding. Klimt had already confessed his sins to his wife and she would understand the reason for his death. He ends off with a note of thanks to Genshin.

Name Edit

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