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Winfred Kitaki mugshot

Winfred Kitaki.

Plum Kitaki mugshot

Plum Kitaki.

Wocky Kitaki mugshot

Wocky Kitaki.

The Kitaki family is a mob family based in Los Angeles that has a fierce rivalry with the Rivales family.


  • The surname "Kitaki" (北木) literally means "north tree", but the family is also visually linked to "kitsune", the Japanese word for fox and a common subject of Japanese folklore; Winfred Kitaki has a fox's head on his apron in reference to this, Plum Kitaki has a many-tailed fox on her dress, and Wocky Kitaki has his hair styled to look fox-like.


In the Japanese version of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, the Kitaki family is specifically referred to as a Yakuza group.

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