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The unnamed Labyrinthian judge who presided over both witch trials of Espella Cantabella, as well as the witch trial of Maya Fey. He bears a striking resemblance to the judge that normally presides over Phoenix Wright's trials, but was far less jovial and not as easily led.

Life in LabyrinthiaEdit

Like nearly all other citizens of Labyrinthia, almost nothing is known about the man who would become the judge for the town's witch trials aside from the fact that he at some point signed a contact with Labrelum Inc. This contract resulted in the memories of his former life being suppressed, and he was given the role of the presiding judge over the local witch trials in Labyrinthia as part of his new life.


The Labyrinthian judge is referred to by the formal addresses of "My Lord" and "Milord" (pronounced ""M'lud"), which are both titles used in British courts for male judges (with "My Lady" being used for female judges), although "Milord" is now obsolete. However, the judge who presides over Wright's trial in London is instead given the formal address of "Your Honor"; this may have been intended to make the contrast between London and Labyrinthia more apparent.

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