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Judge (Khura'in)
Sprite Gallery
The Honorable Judge
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Judge (Khurain) Portrait


Your Magistry (formal address)

One-off nicknames

Magistry Pops (Pees'lubn Andistan'dhin)
Mr. Magistry Man (Datz Are'ball)
Good Magistry (by Amara Sigatar Khura'in)
Occupation Judge
Names in other languages
Japanese (romanization written with the given name first) 裁判長 (Saibancho)
Biological information
(this is for age comparison purposes, and so may look odd; click on the question mark for details)? Unknown
(as recorded in court record profiles and case files) Unknown
Status (last known) Alive
Eye color Brown
Hair color Bald with a grey beard
Height (from official guidebooks) ??? cm
Family An unnamed wife
An unnamed daughter
An unnamed father (deceased)
Friends Tahrust Inmee (deceased)
Beh'leeb Inmee
Affiliates Rayfa Padma Khura'in (princess of Khura'in)
Pees'lubn Andistan'dhin (former dahmalan instructor; arrested)
Debut episode The Foreign Turnabout
Leitmotif "Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice ~ Court Begins Abroad"

The unnamed judge presided over Phoenix Wright's and Apollo Justice's cases in Khura'in.


A visiting lawyerEdit

Main article: The Foreign Turnabout

The judge oversaw the first case in twenty three years since the passing of the Defense Culpability Act to have a defendant have an attorney and pass a not guilty verdict.

Double murder trialEdit

Main article: The Rite of Turnabout

Several weeks later, the judge presided over Maya Fey's murder trials, rendering a "Guilty" verdict on her (and by extension, Phoenix, due to the DC Act), for the murder of Tahrust Inmee, only to eventually overturn it the next day, in conjunction with the "Not Guilty" verdict for the murder of Rheel Neh'mu.

Legal revolutionEdit

Main article: Turnabout Revolution

During the trial of Dhurke Sahdmadhi, the judge found himself in the unenviable position of serving at the bench while Ga'ran Sigatar Khura'in was prosecuting, where he quickly found his authority usurped by the queen, she even once issued a Guilty verdict herself. He is presumably still the judge of the High Court under Queen Rayfa.

Personality Edit

While he initially appeared to be just as contemptuous of defense attorneys as most of his country, and was so out of practice dealing with them it took him a few minutes to remember what cross-examination was, he soon was revealed to take his role as an impartial keeper of justice seriously. He is quite willing to endure scandal and humiliation to ensure order in the court (even forcing the princess of his country to leave the courtroom when she became too disruptive) and uncover the truth (despite how unpopular it proved to allow Wright to defend Ahlbi Ur'gaid in a normal court case, to the point where the gallery started to turn on him as well).


  • The term "magistry" used to address the judge is a portmanteau of "magistrate" and "majesty" meant to give him a feeling of authority.[1]


  • The judge is presumably a Khura'inist clergyman. Up until about the early 2000s, all members of the clergy were given a specific mark of status in the form of a tattoo. The judge admitted to having one on his right buttock.


  1. Hsu, Janet. "Ace Trivia: Smorgasbord of Justice". Capcom Unity. Retrieved on 2016-09-02.
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