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John Garrideb
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John Garrideb is a poor English landlord who owns the room where Sōseki Natsume lives in.

He was previously a soldier of the Great British Empire, but was discharged after he was shot in the knee. He is later the first juror in the trial of Gina Lestrade.

An argument gone wrongEdit

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One day, John Garrideb had an argument with his wife, Joan, who accused him of cheating on her after she saw a love letter being used as a bookmark that from the previous owner of the book. During the argument, Joan threw a knife at John, it missed him but it flew out the window and struck a woman named Viridian Green.

After Joan was arrested, John Garrideb took her place as Juror No. 4 and gave Sōseki Natsume his Not Guilty verdict with the rest of the jury.

Another incident Edit

Main article: The Memoirs of the Clouded Kokoro

The very next day, John Garrideb's other tenant, William Petenshy, was almost killed in his flat, and Sōseki Natsume was arrested one again for attempted murder. Garrideb tells Naruhodō and Susato information on Petenshy and that he broke down the his door with Natsume.

A surprising face in the juryEdit

Main article:The Adventure of the Unspeakable Story
Lestrade Jury

As Juror No. 1.

Mr. Garrideb also appears as Juror No. 1 when Gina Lestrade goes on trial for the murder of Hatch Windibank and attempted murder of Sherlock Holmes. Ryūnosuke Naruhodō notes him as a familiar face with the rest of the jurors. When he votes Guilty the first time, he says all evidence points to the defendant, Lestrade. Later he says that thieves like the Tinpillar brothers are insensible citizens. At the end of the trial he votes Not Guilty to Gina Lestrade like the rest of the jury.

Afterwards, it's revealed that John Garrideb has been meeting with his wife, Joan, every day since she got arrested for accidentally stabbing Viridian Green. He's been using the stairs so much, his legs have started to regain their strength. He tried out being a maid for himself, but was baffled when no one realized it was him.


  • His name comes from the Holmes' story "The Adventure of the Three Garridebs."
  • Alternatively, "gari" means "flesh and bones", while "debu" means "fat," alluding to his and Joan's builds.
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