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Jezail Brett
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Jezail Brett was an English foreign exchange student attending Teito Yuumei University in Japan during the Meiji period. She was dining at the "La Quantos" restaurant along with her teacher, John Watson, shortly before his murder. She appeared as a witness during Ryūnosuke Naruhodō's subsequent trial for the crime.

Before the Murder Edit

Jezail Brett was an exchange student from Great Britain. She worked in John Watson's research faculty in the medical block. She was studying a poison called "curare" that is only known in Europe and America.

A shot at a murderEdit

Main Article: The Adventure of the Great Departure

Brett was dining with Professor John Watson within the western themed Japanese restaurant, La Quantos. It was there she intended to murder him swiftly and without notice, by use of poison in his drink. However, her plan almost fell apart when she and Watson were approached by another patron, a young man who had the intent of introducing himself to the visiting professor.

When the professor had succumbed to the poison, his body began to fall so she used the chair to support the body. She dropped one of her handguns that she hidden under her dress so that the young man can take the fall. She then fired her second handgun to make it look like Professor Watson died from blood loss. As the waiter shoved the young man in to the supply closet, it gave Brett enough time to escape. However, the young man soon remembered her as he went to face trial.

At the Trial Edit

Brett was soon called as a witness in the trial of the young man she had encountered before. She first spoke English even though she knew Japanese because she thought the language was unfit for her to speak. When the defense finds out that there might be poison in the carbonated water that was at the scene, she grabs the bottle and drops it. When the defense finally approves she is guilty, she is dragged around the courtroom by the swan on her hat and then is sent to Hong Kong to stand trial.


  • Her first name "Jezail" may originate from the type of bullet that John Watson was shot with in the canon Sherlock Holmes novels.
  • Her last name "Brett" is a play on the word "bullet". It may also be a reference to Jeremy Brett, an English actor known for playing Sherlock Holmes in the 1984 TV series.

Personality Edit

Jezail is calm and cunning. She knew to used a poison that the police has no idea existed. She also believes to believe Japanese culture to be barbaric, as shown in the game, she avoids speaking Japanese because she thinks it is unfit to be spoken by her and calls the police force to be undeveloped. She acts calm and collected until her breakdown in court.

Trivia Edit

  • Both she and Dahlia Hawthorne have similarities.
    • They hide under a mask of innocence and grace.
    • Jezail puts poison in Professor Watson's drink to kill him and Dahlia used poison that sent Diego Armando into a coma.
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