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Jack Shipley
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For additional uses of the name "Jack", please see Jack (disambiguation).
Sasha Buckler
When it's showtime, it's time to smile! That's what the captain always said.

Jack Shipley was the manager and owner of the pirate-themed Shipshape Aquarium until his death in 2027.

Summers and OraEdit

Swashbuckler Spectacular

As "Redstache" in a promotional poster for the Swashbuckler Spectacular show.

Jack Shipley owned and ran the Shipshape Aquarium, which he gave a pirate theme. At one point he rescued a pair of orca sisters and nursed them back to health. However, when it became time to release them back to the wild, the two dolphins had grown so attached to him that they refused to leave. He eventually gave up, named them Ora and Orla Shipley, and incorporated them into his aquarium.

Both Jack and Ora were part of the aquarium's pirate-themed stage show, where she worked with the animal trainer Azura Summers. However, Summers suffered from a heart condition which threatened her life, but told no-one and carried out her usual duties in the aquarium. During one stage show, Summers was struck by a heart attack and fell into the water, whereupon Ora used her "lifesaver" trick to bring her to the surface in her mouth. Onlookers believed that Ora had attacked and killed Summers and, as a result of this, the Center for Dangerous Animal Control (CDAC) demanded that both orcas be put down. Jack and resident veterinarian Dr. Herman Crab pretended to put down Ora, but instead secretly moved her to the larger Supermarine Aquarium. They also managed to negotiated a deal with the CDAC to let Orla live. Summers' feisty protegé Sasha Buckler and Orla (now posing as her "dead" sister) took over Summers' and Ora's respective roles in the stage show.

Marlon Rimes, who had been dating Summers and was unaware of her heart condition, nursed a deep grudge against Orla, as he believed her to be responsible for his lover's death. He joined the aquarium in an attempt to get revenge on Orla.


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Jack Shipley
Forgive me, Marlon... I didn't realize what deep pain you were in... But, please... Please don't blame Orla. It's nobody's fault... Not Orla's... and not yours............
Rimes pulling Shipley

Rimes attempting to save him.

One year after Summers' death, Rimes' feelings of hatred toward Orla reached their climax, resulting in an attempt to kill the orca. As Orla was moved out of her usual pool and into the stage show pool during a routine clean, Rimes saw his chance at revenge when he was assigned to watch over her in the show pool room while the cleaning took place. He drained the water in the pool in order to kill the orca, only to have Jack walk in on him. Jack rushed to fill the pool again, but in doing so he tripped and fell into the empty pool. Despite a rescue attempt by Rimes, he fell and died instantly from a brain contusion. Rimes then took advantage of Buckler to move Jack's body by stashing the corpse inside a hollow skull-shaped rock and having Buckler move it into the orca pool.

Orla saving Shipley

Orla carrying his body.

5-6 Shipley Dead, Face down

Crime scene photo.

The following day, Rimes noticed Norma DePlume, an aquarium visitor, wandering around near the first-floor visitors' corridor, which had a view of the orca pool. He used his walkie-talkie to pipe in a year-old recording of Ora singing an old stage show song in order to attract DePlume's attention. He then used his aquarium TV phone, which had videos of Summers getting Ora to perform various tricks, to play a recording of Summers blowing a whistle in order to get Orla to perform her "lifesaver" trick. Orla, not being able to find the dummy she normally used for the trick, searched the pool and noticed an object in the skull rock. She started repeatedly head-butting it in order to get the foreign object out. Once Jack's body was out of the rock, Orla then took him in her mouth and carried him to the top of the orca pool. However, to DePlume, it seemed as if Orla had head-butted Jack to death and then toyed with him by biting the corpse. DePlume rushed off to call the police, who, upon hearing DePlume's testimony, planned to euthanize Orla.

A desperate Sasha Buckler raced to the office of recently re-instated defense attorney Phoenix Wright, and without letting on that his prospective client was an orca, persuaded him to take the case. Once Wright got over the initial shock of an orca defendant, he investigated the aquarium and proved to Detective Bobby Fulbright that a human may have been responsible instead of Orla.

Wright quickly got Orla acquitted, but suspicion fell upon Buckler herself due to the manner in which the orca had been manipulated by the culprit. However, Wright cross-examined Rimes and revealed his hatred of Orla, soon leading to the revelation of how the case had really played out. However, Wright was able to help Rimes escape punishment by revealing how he had tried to save Jack. Rimes went into rehabilitation for a few months and then returned to the aquarium, playing the role of the villain "Redstache" in the stage show, which had previously been Jack's role.


Marlon Rimes
Like a strong captain who can turn a wild bunch of ruffians into some great pirates... He always treated us fairly and equally, humans and fishes alike. He was the real deal, man.


Jack was held in high regard by his employees, who all addressed him as "Captain" due to the aquarium's pirate motif. Sasha Buckler, in particular, seemed very close to him as they often performed the "Swashbuckler Spectacular" together. Jack himself was concerned for the safety and well-being of his employees as he forbid Buckler from performing due to her heart condition, which led to an argument between the two. He also tried to convince Marlon Rimes to not bear a grudge against Orla, even when he was about to fall to his death.

Jack cared a lot for the animals of his aquarium. He, along with veterinarian Herman Crab, saved and nursed Ora and Orla Shipley when they got beached on a shore, which caused both orcas to become attached to him. Jack also worked closely with Dr. Crab to prevent Ora from being put down and allowed the veterinarian to use a highly-advanced monitoring system for the betterment of the aquarium's animals, even if the technology was considered illegal in the United States.



  • Shipley is the first character to have the same given name as another character in the Ace Attorney games (Jack Hammer). Notably, both are the victim of their respective cases and were killed unintentionally.

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