Iris's hood

Iris's hood was a demon-warding hood belonging to Iris, a shrine maiden at Hazakura Temple.

Murder of Elise DeauxnimEdit

When Phoenix Wright visited the temple in February of 2019, Iris gave him the hood as a gift. That night, a series of incidents resulted in the murder of children's book author Elise Deauxnim at the temple. On this night, Wright fell from Dusky Bridge and was hospitalized as result. He wore this hood during his stay in the hospital, hoping that it would help his fever go down faster. When Iris was subsequently put on trial for the murder, her temporary defense attorney, Miles Edgeworth, used the hood to point out a contradiction in the testimony of Larry Butz. Butz claimed to have seen Iris flying over Dusky Bridge with her hood fluttering in the wind, but Edgeworth pointed out that this was impossible, since Iris had already given the hood to Wright.

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