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IS-7 Incident
Trial data

Dec. 24 - Dec. 25, 2000 (investigation)
Dec. 26, 2000 - Dec. 28, 2001 (initial trial)

Defense team leader

Gregory Edgeworth

Defense team assistants

Tateyuki Shigaraki (co-counsel; takes over the case for appeals)


Manfred von Karma


Issei Tenkai


Isaku Hyōdō

Time of death

Dec. 23, 2000

Weapon/cause of death

Blunt force trauma


Guilty (Accomplice to murder)

Yutaka Kazami
Delicy Scone
Tsukasa Oyashiki
Other characters
Tyrell Badd
Wataru Shirase
Bansai Ichiyanagi
Otome Itami (coroner)

The IS-7 Incident refers to a murder that took place in the mansion of Issei Tenkai on December 23, 2000. It directly led to the DL-6 Incident and indirectly affected the SS-5 Incident. The incident revolved around the trial of a famous television chef, Issei Tenkai, who had been accused of killing Isaku Hyōdō. His defense attorney, Gregory Edgeworth, faced the infamous prosecutor Manfred von Karma. He lost the case, but he managed to prove that von Karma had to manipulate the autopsy report, since the victim's body was never found. As a result, Tenkai was charged with accomplice to murder instead and von Karma was given a penalty, the first and only one he had ever received. The case was put on hold for 18 years, because the witness and only other suspect, Yutaka Kazami, fled to Zheng Fa.

The IncidentEdit

Main article: The Inherited Turnabout

Famous TV chef, Issei Tenkai, decided to hold a competition at his mansion to see who was the greatest pastry chef in the world. The prize was a "recipe book", Angel's Recipe, containing experimental drugs which included cures for both hypogeusia and ageusia. There were three known competitors: Yutaka Kazami, who wanted the book to cure his Ageusia, Paul Holic, under the pseudonym, Isaku Hyōdō, who wanted to sell the book for a lot of money, and Delicy Scone, a spy sent by the Tenkai Group in order to keep the book to itself. Hyōdō and Kazami lacked certain skills, so they decided to collaborate together, Kazami makes the sweets and Hyōdō sculpts them.


Three years after DL-6 was resolved, Edgeworth, with the help of his father's old partner, Tateyuki Shigaraki, solved the IS-7 Incident and was able to find the real killer of Hyōdō, who turned out to be Kazami. The defendant, Issei Tenkai, was set free. It was supposed to have the same statute of limitations as the DL-6 Incident, but due to the witness fleeing the country, it was extended for 3 more years, and was extended one further year because Tenkai was convicted as an accomplice.

The day after this case was solved a new light was revealed about DL-6. Bansai Ichiyanagi said that he was the one who made Otome Itami forge the autopsy report. He was also the one responsible for giving Manfred von Karma his first penalty, which became the starting point of DL-6 leading onto the death of Gregory Edgeworth.

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