iFly Airlines
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Organization type Airline
Leader Hugo Ifly (formerly)
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Status Active
Relevant cases Turnabout Airlines

iFly Airlines is a luxury air flight company with services in the United States, Borginia, and Zheng Fa. At least one iFly Airlines airplane was the scene of a murder. The company's mascot is Mr. Ifly.


The company was founded by Hugo Ifly, and to commemorate this, memorial statues have been erected on at least one of the iFly Airlines planes, Flight I-390. Although the statues in this plane were almost identical, they portrayed Ifly at different stages in his life, one at 40 years of age and the other at 80 years of age.

Other names considered for the airline company were "GoYou Airlines" and "i*heart*Fly-----------ing".


Among each iFly Airlines crew are several flight attendants, each one assigned to a different class. The attendants share rooms with the other attendants assigned to the same class as them.

Flight I-390Edit

Among the attendants on Flight I-390 are:

Rhoda Teneiro: Attendant assigned to First Class and the in-flight shop. Holds the security clearance to send the elevator to the cargo hold.

Cammy Meele: Attendant assigned to the attendants' room and all things that require translation to or from Borginian.


Main article: Turnabout Airlines

Cammy Meele, one attendant on Flight I-390 is part of Quercus Alba's smuggling ring. She was placed so she could transport items and documents. One of the statues that Zinc Lablanc had bought was replaced with a replica, and she sign the paperwork for this. She framed another attendant, Rhoda Teneiro, for this, but Miles Edgeworth, who was in the Flight, discovered this.


The new line of jumbo jets from iFly will have pink walls and yellow seats, as designed by Rhoda Teneiro.



Flight I-390 as it appears in the Japanese version.

  • In the Japanese version of Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth, this airline is known as "GoYou". A homage to this is made in the English version, which mentions "GoYou" as one of the rejected names for the airline company.
  • Although there is a real-life I-Fly, which is a Russian charter airline, the English name "iFly", is more likely a reference to the trend of having a lower case "i" at the beginning of the names of some products. Examples include the iPod, iTunes and the BBC iPlayer. According to Rhoda Teneiro, the "i" comes from "I love you".


  • The uniforms were originally supposed to be a light carnation with pink stripes. Likewise, there was only to be one stripe on each uniform.

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