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Now! The moment you've all been waiting for! Who will be this year's Grand Prix Champion? Who will be our "Hero of Heroes"!?
Potential Heroes of Heroes

From left to right: Global Hero Onyankopon, the Starry School students, Captain Saipan, and the Jammin' Ninja.

The Hero of Heroes Grand Prix is an annual contest between various TV superheroes to see who is the best of them. The Pink Princess won the second contest in 2017, and the Nickel Samurai won the third contest in 2018. In both cases, the Jammin' Ninja was the runner-up.

Contenders for the 2018 contest were:

  • Captain Saipan (hailing from the tropical island of Saipan)
  • The Starry School students
  • Global Hero Onyankopon

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