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Heita Mamemomi was a journalist who worked under Sōseki Natsume.

Interviewing a murderer Edit

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After Sōseki Natsume's success of his book, I Am a Cat, he found himself a reporter by the name of Heita Mamemomi when he visited Yuumei Acadamy. Mamemomi interviewed him and Yūjin Mikotoba. Natsume strongly requested him to write an article about a very potent poison being researched at Yūjin's lab. When Mamemomi was cleaning out his fountain he decided to fill it with some of the poison to sneak it out.

Heita Mamemomi heard about the murder of John Watson and decided it would be his next scoop. The culprit, Jezail Brett, continued research and was due to be extradited to Shanghai soon, so Mamemomi saw this as his chance to interview her. He did so at a beachhouse but he couldn't much out of her, she just kept insulting him, calling him a "monkey" who didn't know the difference between peeking and journalism. This made him so angry he slipped the poison he had in his pen into Brett's drink.

Afterwards, a girl named Haori Murasame confronted Brett demanding back the poison she stole before anyone notices it's missing. Heita Mamemomi, who was hiding behind the beach house they were in, realized that the poison has some pretty specific side effects, which no one would use it willy-nilly unless they were outside of the lab. So he pushed between the reeds the house was made of and stabbed Jezail Brett with a knife hoping that would kill her before the poison kicks in. Haori Murasame was arrested for the murder of Brett because she was the only one in the hut with her.

Personality Edit

Heita Mamemomi loves his job as a reporter and takes it very seriously.


  • Mamemomi might be from "memo" or "memoru" (Japanese-English fusion verb for "to write a memo"). Throughout the uses the term "mememomi memo."
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