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"Have a look!" is a speech bubble used by Hershel Layton in The First Story, the final chapter of Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, in place of the usual "Take that!" The use of "Have a look!" instead of "Take that!" was likely intended to be a more "gentlemanly" and less aggressive alternative that would more closely fit Layton's character.


Other languagesEdit

  • Dutch: "Kijk eens!"


  • "Have a look!" and "Eureka!" use the same speech bubble ("Kore da!") in the Japanese version.
  • An unused audio clip in the game suggests that Layton was to use the standard "Take that!" speech bubble instead of "Have a look!"
  • Another unused audio clip suggests that Phoenix Wright was also intended to use "Have a look!" to an unknown extent.

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