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The orphanage in 2007.

Happy Family Home was an orphanage run by Marī Miwa. It was the scene of the SS-5 Incident, in which, according to the police investigation, Ryūji Kamei was killed while witnessing the kidnapping of President Teikun Ō of Zheng Fa. By 2018, the orphanage had been abandoned, and it was demolished to make way for the Big Tower. The orphanage's gate was preserved and functioned as the entrance to the tower.

The arrival of two childrenEdit

Main articles: Manosuke Naitō & Sōta Sarushiro

On Dec. 24th, 2000, the blind assassin Ryōken Hōinbō and his dog Kuro were walking along the road when Kuro happened to notice two boys who were trapped in a frozen car. Hōinbō saved the two boys, but the near-death experience had damaged their memories, and they did not know who they were. The assassin decided to take them to the nearby Happy Family Home orphanage. These children went by the names Manosuke Naitō and Sōta Sarushiro, and they waited for any sign of their real families to show up and find them. However, Sarushiro's father killed Naitō's father, and went to Zheng Fa a year later, leaving the two boys alone with no one to look for them.

The SS-5 IncidentEdit

Main article: SS-5 Incident

Some time later, Ami Aizawa came to work for the orphanage, having previously worked at the embassy of Zheng Fa. In 2007, she gave birth to a boy, whose father was President Teikun Ō of Zheng Fa. Aizawa sent a message to the president to meet her and their son at midnight on February 10. Ō told a body double about this and had him cover for the real president.

Unbeknownst to the real Ō, the body double had hired Ryōken Hōinbō to assassinate him at the orphanage. The body double brought Chief Prosecutor Bansai Ichiyanagi to his cause, who in turn bribed orphanage owner Marī Miwa into participating in the plot. Upon encountering the assassin, the president begged him to at least let him meet his son before he should die by Hōinbō's hands. The assassin was utterly deaf to his plea, however, and struck. Although he missed the first time and cut off one of the horns of a Borumosu Doll, the second blow was fatal, leaving a large pool of blood. Meanwhile, Ichiyanagi stalked Aizawa until she gave up and returned home, then joined up with Miwa to help her bury the body.

It was at this time that Ryūji Kamei, a photojournalist who was tracking Ichiyanagi's black market auction, witnessed the two conspirators carrying away the body of the president from behind a snowman. He called his girlfriend to let her in on what he believed was a kidnapping, but she could not answer the phone at the time, so he left a voicemail. The body double then arrived at the orphange, discovered Kamei recording his voicemail, and bashed his head in from behind with a brick. Realizing the implications of the voicemail, the three co-conspirators replaced Ō's body with Kamei's, and planted the body double's shoes on Kamei so that the footprints that Ō had made would be attributed to him. Ichiyanagi would be able to tamper with the tests on Ō's blood to ensure that it would be mistaken as belonging to Kamei.

The three then planned to kill Hōinbō to cover their tracks. However, Sarushiro was hiding inside an igloo and had witnessed everything. He warned Hōinbō of what his employers were planning, and started a kerosene fire to distract the co-conspirators so that Hōinbō could escape safely. Sarushiro helped Detective Dai-Long Lang with the ensuing investigation by drawing a picture of what he had seen. Before long, however, Miwa subjected Sarushiro to constant interrogation, causing him to leave eventually, leaving only the Borumosu horn. Meanwhile, the assassination was completely hidden, and the "president" was held for ransom. The government of Zheng Fa quickly paid the requested money, and the "president" was returned to them. Lang's investigation led him to indict Miwa for the "kidnapping" and Kamei's murder, but due to Ichiyanagi's machinations, the trial ended in a not guilty verdict, and Lang resigned.


Main article: The Grand Turnabout

The orphanage was eventually abandoned as Miwa was hired as director of a prison. It remained where it was, along with several other abandoned buildings, and under the orphanage grounds was the corpse of the real president. Eleven years after SS-5, the area was demolished to start the construction of the Big Tower. The orphanage gate was used as the entrance to the tower.

Eventually, a construction project was set to begin in the area where the real president's body had been buried. Ichiyanagi went to the lot to dig up the body, leaving holes that looked like giant footprints in the concrete. The next day, the body double was found dead on one of the "footprints", sparking an investigation by Miles Edgeworth and Shi-Long Lang. The investigation eventually led them to re-investigate the SS-5 Incident using Kay Faraday's Little Thief, and expose the truth behind Ichiyanagi's manipulations once and for all. The information from this investigation led him to Sarushiro, who had killed the body double.

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