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The Honorable
Hakari Mikagami
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Hakari Mikagami Portrait
Occupation Judge
Prosecutorial Investigation Committee member
Names in other languages
Japanese* 水鏡秤 (Hakari Mikagami)
Biological information
Born 1993
Age 26*
Status* Alive
Eye color Brown
Hair color Black
Height* 5'4"; 165 cm
Family Ami Aizawa (cousin and close friend; deceased)
Shimon Aizawa (first cousin once removed and adopted son)
Friends Tsubasa Kagome (fellow committee member; deceased)
Affiliates Prosecutorial Investigation Committee (member)
Teikun Ō (Shimon's father; deceased)
"Teikun Ō" ("president of Zheng Fa"; deceased)
Bansai Ichiyanagi (head of committee)
Yumihiko Ichiyanagi (subordinate and investigative partner)
Miles Edgeworth (prosecutor)
Kay Faraday (Edgeworth's assistant)
Dick Gumshoe (police detective)
Debut episode The Imprisoned Turnabout
Leitmotif "Hakari Mikagami ~ Goddess of Law"
Hakari Mikagami

Hakari Mikagami is a judge who was seemingly determined to put an end to Miles Edgeworth's career as a prosecutor in her role as a member of the "Prosecutorial Investigation Committee"; an influential organization that consisted of 11 members selected from politics and the legal world. She was tasked with observing the movements of prosecutors in order to determine who was unfit for the task, an activity the Committee called the "Prosecutor Purge". Edgeworth was one such prosecutor under evaluation, with Mikagami attempting to replace him with a rather incompetent prosecutor called Yumihiko Ichiyanagi. Following the death of her cousin Ami Aizawa, she adopted Ami's son (Hakari's nephew) Shimon Aizawa as her own.

A cousin lost, a son adoptedEdit

Main article: SS-5 Incident

Hakari had a cousin whom she was very close to (mistaken by others to be her sister) known as Ami Aizawa. As a Zheng Fa diplomat, Ami eventually started a secretive relationship with Zheng Fa's president Teikun Ō. Ami later gave birth to the son of her and Ō, Shimon Aizawa, and later became the runner of the Happy Family Home orphanage. One night, Ami requested that Ō meet his son at the orphanage -- however, a trio of conspirators including a corrupt prosecutor, a corrupt prison warden and a traitorous body double intervened and killed Ō, with the body double replacing him as the president. Later, when Shimon was 7, Ami died -- Hakari adopted Shimon as her own son, and is very protective but loving of him (she even carries an assortment of his photos from his actor's career on her person as a charm to her).

Sometime later, she became a high-ranking member of the Prosecutorial Investigation Committee and a judge.

Meeting EdgeworthEdit

Main article: The Imprisoned Turnabout

Mikagami's unique gavel announces her judgment.

Mikagami first made herself known to Edgeworth during his investigation into the murder of Manosuke Naitō. She wanted to meet Edgeworth personally in order to deliver a message from the Prosecutorial Investigation Committee's message, namely that he was to be relieved of his authority in the case. She claimed that he had attracted the Committee's attention after entering the private plane of the president of Zheng Fa during a recent prior investigation. Despite said plane being protected by extraterritorial rights, Edgeworth had ordered a search of president's staff. The Committee viewed such actions, despite them resulting in the arrest of a murderer, as an unacceptable overstepping of his authority. She told him that his way of thinking (that the truth was more important than the law) was dangerous, with the breaking of rules being going against the very heart and soul of the law. Therefore, any further resistance or unacceptable behavior from Edgeworth would result in the permanent loss of his prosecutor's badge. She then told Edgeworth to leave, and had a young prosecutor called Yumihiko Ichiyanagi, who was fresh out of law school and obviously incompetent, take over the case. Edgeworth was later able to step in and prove Yumihiko's suspect guilty and expose the true culprit.

IS-7 resurfacesEdit

Main article: The Inherited Turnabout

Mikagami later played a role in the re-investigation into the IS-7 Incident, once again using Yumihiko Ichiyanagi to attempt to counter Edgeworth. She was unable to, and although Edgeworth discovered the true culprit eventually, she exited the area warning Edgeworth that he is now in the PIC's sights.

Tsubasa Kagome's murderEdit

Main article: The Forgotten Turnabout

The opening scene of this case showed the PIC at Edgeworth's hearing, though no decision is formally reached at the time. Later, Mikagami partook in the investigation into the murder of a PIC member's murder, and the kidnapping of the now-amnesiac Kay Faraday. During the case, Mikagami revealed that the IS-7 Incident's fake autopsy report had been forged by Otome Itami, with Bansai Ichiyanagi forcing her to do so. Once Edgeworth exposed Bansai Ichiyanagi as being a corrupt prosecutor and the one who perpetrated the murder, Mikagami finally seemed to warm up to Edgeworth, though Yumihiko seemed to have disappeared.



Mikagami's mugshot.

Main article: The Grand Turnabout

Mikagami was first brought up in the investigation into Teikun Ō's deceased body when a photo of her meeting with the president on the rooftop (that which he was never seen coming down from) was brought up by Shi-Long Lang, causing her to be named as a suspect, though she was preceeding over court at that time.

She was assigned to oversee the trial of Marī Miwa (with Franziska Von Karma as the prosecutor and Raymond Shields as the defense attorney), but was acting very strangely throughout. For some reason, she seemed as if she was quick and prepared to deliver a Not Guilty verdict, even though she was there when Edgeworth exposed Miwa as the killer (and Yumihiko was still missing along with the evidence). After a recess, Edgeworth, through his questioning techniques, found out that she was being forced by Bansai to acquit Miwa, otherwise her kidnapped son Shimon Aizawa would be killed. However, due to the actions of Kay Faraday and Dick Gumshoe, Aizawa was successfully rescued, meaning that Bansai and Miwa were convicted. Despite all this, Mikagami refused to mention to Edgeworth why she was on the rooftop with the president that day.

Later, Mikagami (in spite of the tough demeanor she put on in front of him) had been overjoyed to be reunited with her rescued son. However, she was still a suspect in the murder; although Edgeworth managed to clear her name eventually, she continued to refuse to explain her reasons for meeting with O. It was not until an old recording doll was played that her story of losing her cousin and adopting Shimon was released.

Shimon then later remarked the pain Hakari would feel if he murdered Sirhan Dogen at the time would make his actions wrong, which is why he relented from killing her. At the end, Mikagami purchased 3 Lion Lillies (flowers representing the parent-child bond) for Shimon; two for his birth parents and one for her.


Hakari Mikagami

Hakari Mikagami.

Mikagami was well-spoken, polite, and calm, but also formidable and with a strong sense of justice. When challenged, she was a fierce and extremely calculating rival who normally kept her serene smile intact. She also had an almost-religious devotion to the law, often referring to the "Goddess of Law" and using many religious phrases. Her one weakness was Shimon Aizawa, of whom she was very protective, even willing to suspend her dedication to justice when his life was threatened.

Mikagami is a remarkably polite person, using "watakushi", the most polite pronoun, to address herself, and the "-sama" suffix for address everyone else, demonstrating her respect even to her rivals.

She is also very caring, loving and protective of her son, and even carries photos of him on her person all the time as a charm to her.


  • Hakari (秤) means "scale", which reflects her career as a judge. It may also come from "hikari" (光), which means "light."
  • "Mikagami" comes from "kami gami" (神々), which means "[the] gods", as well as "kagami" (鏡), meaning "mirror" - a symbol of god-like wisdom in Japanese mythology and the basis for the badges judges wear in Japan.
  • Mikagami's English name in the fan translation is "Justine Courtney", likely intended as a play on "justice" and "court", as well as "court of justice", all reflecting her position as a judge.


  • Instead of "Objection!", Mikagami uses "Overruled!" (却下!, "Kyakka!"), which is a much more fitting interjection for a judge.

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