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Gyakuten Saiban Jazz Album ~Gyakuten Meets Jazz Soul~

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Gyakuten Saiban Jazz Album ~Gyakuten Meets Jazz Soul~
Jazz Soul
Released March 31, 2007 (Japan)
Label Suleputer
Number of tracks 10
Length 53:02

Gyakuten Saiban Jazz Album ~Gyakuten Meets Jazz Soul~ (「逆転裁判」 ジャズアルバム ~GYAKUTEN MEETS JAZZ SOUL~) is a soundtrack album consisting of 10 tracks of music from the Ace Attorney series arranged in a jazz style. All tracks were arranged by Noriyuki Iwadare and performed by the Metamorphosis Jazz Band[1].

Track listEdit

No. Title Length
1. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney ~ Court Begins in Blue Note Scale   4:51
2. Phoenix Wright ~ Objection!   5:31
3. The Steel Samurai: Warrior of Neo Olde Tokyo   5:50
4. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice For All ~ Court Begins in Blue Note Scale   5:08
5. Miles Edgeworth ~ Great Revival   5:40
6. Furio Tigre ~ Swingin’ Tiger   5:23
7. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations ~ Court Begins in Blue Note Scale   4:49
8. Godot ~ The Fragrance of Dark Coffee   5:53
9. Rise from the Ashes – Epilogue   5:26
10. Trucy’s Theme ~ Child of Magic   4:43
Total length:

No. Title Length
1. 逆転裁判 ~開廷のブルーノート・スケール   4:51
2. 成歩堂龍一 ~異議あり!   5:31
3. 大江戸戦士トノサマン   5:50
4. 逆転裁判2 ~開廷のブルーノート・スケール   5:08
5. 御剣怜侍 ~大いなる復活   5:40
6. 芝九蔵虎ノ助 ~スウィンギン・ゼニトラ   5:23
7. 逆転裁判3 ~開廷のブルーノート・スケール   4:49
8. ゴドー ~珈琲は闇色の薫り   5:53
9. 蘇る逆転・終幕   5:26
10. みぬきのテーマ ~魔術の子   4:43
Total length:


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