Klavier Gavin Objection OA

"Achtung, baby! Today, we play it my way!"

"Guilty Love" is a 2026 Gavinners hit single. It was also one of their last, due to the disbandment of the band after the fall of that year. When Klavier Gavin, the Gavinners' lead member, is prosecuting a case in court, he often has this song play in the background and even has it as his ringtone, as does Wesley Stickler. When a murder occurred during a Gavinners concert, Gavin had Apollo Justice play the song from an audio mixer to show that Daryan Crescend, the second guitar of the band, had made a mistake when playing it. This later proved useful to Justice in court when he revealed that Crescend had been the one to murder Interpol agent Romein LeTouse, with the gunshot audible during the performance of "The Guitar's Serenade".


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