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Gourd Lake
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General map:
Gourd Lake WoodsCaretaker's shackBoat rental shopPublic BeachGourd Lake EntranceGourdLake
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Teikun Ō's speech:

President's planeStage (Gourd Lake)AudienceGK2GourdLake
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Owned by Los Angeles
Enter from Detention center
Relevant cases Turnabout Goodbyes
Turnabout Target

Gourd Lake and Gourd Lake Nature Park are tourist attractions in Los Angeles, although the lake's shores have also been the scene of two separate murders; of Robert Hammond in 2016 and Gai Tojiro in 2019. The lake was at one point believed to be home to a mysterious monster called "Gourdy", which was later proven to be a hoax.

Murder of Robert HammondEdit

Main article: Turnabout Goodbyes

In 2016, Robert Hammond was murdered at Gourd Lake, with Miles Edgeworth being put on trial for the crime. Phoenix Wright took on the case against prosecutor Manfred von Karma and not only won, but also uncovered the truth behind the DL-6 Incident, which had been behind the entire case.

Assassination attemptEdit

Main article: Turnabout Target

Gourd Lake during Teikun Ō's speech.

Some years later, the president of Zheng Fa, Teikun Ō, gave a speech at the lake about how thankful he was to the prosecutor's office for taking down the leader of a smuggling ring that had been ruining his country's economy. During the speech Ō was apparently shot, but this later transpired to be a staged assassination attempt in an attempt to improve his ratings back home. Manosuke Naitō took advantage of the confusion to murder Gai Tojiro, but was soon exposed and arrested thanks to Miles Edgeworth.


According to Phoenix Wright, Gourd Lake was given its name because, many years before, the area was used to grow gourds. Coincidentally, the lake apparently also has an hourglass shape reminiscent of a bottle gourd when viewed from above.

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