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Geiru Toneido
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Geiru Toneido
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Geiru Toniedo (stage name)
Occupation Rakugo performer (2016 - May 13, 2028)
Balloon artist (2016 - May 13, 2028)
Names in other languages
Japanese (romanization written with the given name first) 旋風亭 風子 (Puuko Senpuutei)
Biological information
(this is for age comparison purposes, and so may look odd; click on the question mark for details)? 1994
(as recorded in court record profiles and case files) 34 (age at debut)
Status (last known) Alive (arrested)
Eye color Black
Hair color Black (wears a pink wig)
Height (from official guidebooks) 5'4"; 164 cm
Family Uendo Toneido the first (father, deceased)
Friends Jugemu (pet dog)
Taifu Toneido (rakugo master; deceased)
Uendo Toneido (fellow rakugo student)
Simon Blackquill
Affiliates Bucky Whet
Debut episode Turnabout Storyteller
Leitmotif "Cheerful People"
"Reminiscing ~ Each of Their Feelings" (When confessing to murder)
Geiru Toneido
Just call me Geiru, sweetie! One, two...BLOOOON!
Geiru Toneido was a balloon artist and rakugo performer whom was a witness in one of Athena Cykes' cases.

Rakugo and balloon art Edit

Geiru was one of Taifu Toneido's rakugo students, along with Uendo Toneido who she had been friends with since they were children. Geiru's late father had been a famous rakugo performer himself and Geiru hoped to follow his footsteps, but as she wasn't skilled in rakugo, Taifu recommended that she be a balloon artist instead. Despite disliking the job and showing little talent for it, Geiru persevered under the belief that Taifu would eventually pass on her father's performer name to her for her dedication. She was crushed when Taifu passed it on to Uendo, despite Uendo being her junior, and resented her master for doing so.

Geiru has an allergy to buckwheat and breaks out in rashes if she comes into contact with even small amounts of it. Too much of it could even be fatal to her, sending her into seizures or even death.

Revenge plot Edit

Main article: Turnabout Storyteller

Upset and angered, Geiru decided to take revenge on the day of Uendo's naming ceremony. Following her performance, Geiru paid a courtesy call to Taifu's room and found her master and Uendo (who had regressed to his Owen personality after accidentally ingesting sake) in the room. Spotting soba-making equipment Taifu obtained from Bucky Whet, Geiru assumed her master was making soba to taunt her. (In reality, Taifu was making udon noodles for her, as a sign that she should move on from balloon artistry and rakugo to decide what she felt was best for herself.)

In a blind rage, Geiru grabbed the uncut udon dough and suffocated Taifu as she pressed him to the floor, but not before Taifu retaliated by cutting her forehead with the noodle-cutting knife, causing her to bleed onto the dough. Geiru proceeded to doctor the crime scene by cooking up some prepared soba noodles Taifu left in his refrigerator, which triggered her allergies on her left arm after she accidentally touched it. She then set up Taifu's body to make it look like he had been drowned face-first in a bowl of soba noodles, and rearranged Taifu's karuta cards to implicate Owen. Finally, she made the bloodied udon dough into dumplings and fed them to her pet dog, Jugemu, which Simon Blackquill witnessed. However, the sheer quantity of dumplings meant that Jugemu could not finish the meal and buried his leftovers in the yard.

The next day, she showed up in court to testify, using her balloon artist attire to cover up her hand allergy and her head wound. She acted in a deliberately cutesy manner to come off as harmless, but upon realizing she was becoming the prime suspect quickly dispensed with her more immature mannerisms and revealed her cunning, serious side, spitefully spitting back at the defense that she was only punishing Taifu for his poor treatment of her and destroying her lifelong ambitions. Once Cykes proved how she had gotten rid of the murder weapon, she screamed in distress as her balloons popped around her.



Removing her costume, Geiru admitted to the deed, confessing that not inheriting her father's name had driven her to drastic measures. Cykes suggested that Taifu wanted Geiru not to feel pressured by her father's legacy. Overcome by the weight of her actions, Geiru broke down sobbing.

After the trial, Athena asked Bucky to deliver an udon meal to Geiru in prison, implying that Athena believed that Geiru wasn't beyond rehabilitation.

Personality Edit

In her balloon artist persona, Geiru assumed many ditzy and cutesy mannerisms, often making various balloon-themed puns. One of her gimmicks was to pull the straps on her dress and release them, causing her chest to wobble as they snapped back into place (though she was later revealed to be wearing balloons on her chest under her dress). When cornered, she quickly switched to a more abrasive personality, even switching into a different accent that persisted as she broke down, and waving around a balloon "sword" threateningly (even threatening to "cut" Athena with it when she dropped her facade). As indicated by Taifu, Cykes and Whet, much of her motivation lies in succeeding her father's legacy.

Name Edit

  • "Fū (Pū)" is the on-yomi of the character meaning "wind," fitting with the wind themed names of her and Uendo Toneido.
  • "Senpū" (旋風) means "hurricane" and "Tei" is often part of a rakugo performer's title.
  • "Geiru" and "Toneido" come from "gale" and "tornado", respectively.
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