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Gaspen Payne
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Former Chief Prosecutor
Gaspen Payne
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Gaspen Portrait


Rookie Humiliator (self-styled)
Defendant Humiliator (self-styled)
Arrogant jerk (by Athena Cykes/Widget)
The Incredible Payne (by the people of Khura'in)

One-off nicknames

Royal Payne (by Phoenix Wright)
Mr. Toupee (by Phoenix Wright)
His Royal Payne-ness (by Phoenix Wright)
Occupation Los Angeles District Prosecutor (? - 2027)
Chief Prosecutor for the Kingdom of Khura'in (2028)
Names in other languages
Japanese (romanization written with the given name first) 亜内文武 (Fumitake Auchi) (equivalent of Gaspen Payne)
ヒネクれ検事 (Hinekure-kenji) (by Kokone Kizuki (Athena Cykes)/Monita (Widget), equivalent of arrogant jerk)
Biological information
(this is for age comparison purposes, and so may look odd; click on the question mark for details)? 1972
(as recorded in court record profiles and case files) 55 (Turnabout Countdown)- 56[1] (The Foreign Turnabout)
Status (last known) Alive
Eye color Unknown (eyes hidden behind the tint of his glasses)
Hair color Bald (wears a black wig)
Height (from official guidebooks) 5'5"; 164 cm
Family Taketsuchi Auchi (ancestor)
Winston Payne (older brother)
An unnamed sister-in-law
An unnamed niece
Friends None mentioned
Affiliates Phoenix Wright (rival defense attorney)
Judge (presiding judge for at least one of his cases)
Miles Edgeworth (Chief Prosecutor)
Judge (Khura'in) (presiding judge for at least one of his cases)
Japanese (romanization written with the given name first) Hisashi Izumi
Debut episode Turnabout Countdown
Gaspen Payne
You'll see, Mr. Wright. I will cleanse Winston of the disgrace he met with at your hands!
Phoenix Wright
(*sigh* Looks like this royal Payne is going to be as thoroughly unpleasant as the other.)

Gaspen Payne is a prosecutor and the younger brother of the "Rookie Killer" Winston Payne. He is said to be somewhat more villainous than his sibling, as he is not afraid of using dirty tactics in court. He was the prosecutor for the trial of Juniper Woods for the bombing of Courtroom No. 4. Like his brother, Gaspen also has self-styled titles: the "Rookie Humiliator" and the "Defendant Humiliator".

A new PayneEdit

Main article: Turnabout Countdown
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The darker Payne.

Although Gaspen managed to almost defeat the presiding defense attorney Athena Cykes, Phoenix Wright took over and soon had Woods acquitted and the true culprit, Ted Tonate, cornered. However, a desperate Tonate pretended that a training bomb he had was a live one that would soon go off. Gaspen fled with the rest of the public, leaving Wright and Cykes (with the judge also remaining) to prove that his bomb was a fake and that he had killed a detective. Although everyone else returned to the courtroom to hear Woods' Not Guilty verdict, Gaspen was still missing.

Later that month, after Chief Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth began to undo the "dark age of the law" with Wright's help, Gaspen heard that Edgeworth was planning on paying him a visit to discuss falsification of evidence, once again causing the "Rookie Humiliator" to bolt. However, that did not stop Edgeworth, who proceeded to give Gaspen a severe salary cut for his actions.

Payne abroadEdit

Main article: The Foreign Turnabout
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Losing again...

Gaspen later appeared as a prosecutor in the foreign land of Khura'in, eventually rising up to the rank of Chief Prosecutor. As Wright would later discover, this was not due to any greater competence than he had displayed previously, but simply due to the fact that Khura'in had abolished defense attorneys. During the trial of Ahlbi Ur'gaid, he made an exemption to allow Phoenix to defend him, knowing full well that if Ur'gaid was declared guilty, Phoenix would be given the same punishment under the Defense Culpability Act. This backfired spectacularly when Phoenix realized the flaw in the Divination Séance and convicted the real killer, humiliating Gaspen again and leading to his dismissal.



Gaspen in 2027.

Whereas Winston was generally unpleasant, but not corrupt, Gaspen was a darker version of his older brother who apparently had no qualms about using falsified evidence in court. He constantly claimed to be a gentleman but would badger young women in court to the point that the judge had to intervene. However, Gaspen was just as smug and arrogant as Winston prior to his loss at the hands of Mia Fey.

Gaspen is much like his elder brother in both appearance and personality. He has a similar habit of tapping his forehead with his right hand when mulling something over and reeling back in shock when the defense starts to gain the upper hand. He also has a hairstyle he appears to be quite proud of, and wears a pair of glasses that obscure his eyes.

However, despite these similarities, Gaspen is quite different from Winston in a number of respects. He has a slightly less shrill and more confident voice than his brother (or at least less shrill when objecting) and generally has a smug smirk on his face, which contrasts with Winston's high-pitched voice and usually woebegone expression. Gaspen's glasses are also tinted, more resembling sunglasses than Winston's thick prescription spectacles. He also is known by the nicknames "Rookie Humiliator" and "Defendant Humiliator" (alluding to his brother's nickname of the "Rookie Killer"), although these appear to be monikers Gaspen has bestowed upon himself rather than earned by reputation.


  • His Japanese surname "Auchi" (亜内) is a Japanese romanization of the English word "ouch".
  • His Japanese given name, "Fumitake", is a simple reversal of the two halves of his brother's Japanese given name ("Takefumi").
  • His full English name "Gaspen Payne" is a play on "gasp in pain". This not only matches the meaning of his Japanese surname, but is also similar to his older brother's name pun (Winston Payne; "winced in pain").


  • The pattern on the sash Gaspen wears in Spirit of Justice is modeled after the first character of his Japanese family name, "Auchi" (亜内).[2]


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