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The fountain patio of the Zodiac Art Gallery is the main area of the first floor, so named for the large fountain at its center. Other than the entrance, the patio is connected to four rooms, each of which has a stream of water that flows into the fountain. There is also an elevator.

Contest murderEdit

Main article: IS-7 Incident

In December 2000, renowned pastry chef Issei Tenkai held a confectionery design competition in his mansion. For the finals, each of the three remaining contestants was given one of the four rooms connected to the fountain patio to work on their creations overnight. Tenkai used the remaining room to create a dessert design of his own. Tenkai would begin judging the following day.

Before the judging, Tenkai had tea outside with Tsukasa Oyashiki, his adopted daughter, as well as Delicy Scone, one of the contestants. The two other contestants, Yutaka Kazami and Isaku Hyōdō, remained to finish their work, but at some point they sneaked into the room that Tenkai was using for his dessert. Only Kazami came out, having killed Hyōdō and hidden the body inside Tenkai's dessert. Later, Scone managed to sneak into the contestants' rooms and get a taste of anything edible that she could find.

During the judging, the camera that Tenkai was using to take pictures ran out of film, so he had Oyashiki get more. As she was returning, she heard a loud noise from the room with Tenkai's dessert, and when she looked inside, she saw Hyōdō's dead body inside the dessert, which had broken from being tampered with. She took a photo of the crime scene and informed the authorities, during which Kazami sneaked the body out of the room and hid it inside one of Hyōdō's frozen sherbet sculptures. When Oyashiki returned and entered Hyōdō's room, she saw a signature on all of the sculptures that proved that he was, in fact, a French sculptor named Paul Holic.

During the ensuing investigation, Oyashiki served everyone tea. Unbeknownst to any of them, she was smuggling out Hyōdō's sculptures by covering them with a tablecloth and using a baggage lift to make the setup look like a service cart. Although she was doing this to protect the sculptures from police tampering, she had no idea that the body was hidden within them. Because of this, the body seemingly disappeared, with no one other than the killer having any idea of where it had gone.

Given the circumstances, the police arrested Tenkai for the murder and covered up the investigation, claiming that they had already taken possession of the body. Defense attorney Gregory Edgeworth took Tenkai's case and went to the mansion to investigate. Oyashiki greeted him and Tateyuki Shigaraki, his assistant, and served them tea. Edgeworth noticed that the saucers were chilled, the only hint of what Oyashiki was hiding under the cloth.

After investigating the crime scene and Scone's room, Edgeworth engaged in an argument with Manfred von Karma, the prosecutor in charge of the case. With Edgeworth revealing some shady activity on Scone's part, she admitted that she had secretly gone around sneaking bites out of various sweets, commenting that part of Hyōdō's sculptures tasted salty. Von Karma entered Hyōdō's room to investigate this claim, only to find that all of the sculptures were gone.

The Zodiac Art GalleryEdit

Main article: The Inherited Turnabout

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