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Flip Chambers was a member of Sparkle Land's publicity team, where he played the role of TwinkleStar (one of the park's mascots) during the SparkleStar Show. He collapsed during a show and was found to have been murdered inside his TwinkleStar costume.


  • "Ichinomiya", his Japanese surname, means "one palace", and was thought by the localizers to be a reference to his "locked-room" murder.[1]
  • "Junpei", his Japanese given name, may be a play on the English word "jumpy" - a reference to his acrobatics in the stage show.[1]
  • His English given name, "Flip" is a nickname for "Philip". Like his Japanese name, this is a reference to his acrobatics in the stage show (more specifically his front and back flips).[1]
  • "Chambers" is a reference to the "locked-room" murder.[1]

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