Flight I-390
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Intro iFlyPlane
Owned by IFly Airlines
Enter from Hope Springs Airport
Relevant cases Turnabout Airlines

Flight I-390 was an iFly Airlines double-deck airplane which flew from Borginia to Los Angeles, with a stop-over in Zheng Fa. Being a luxury plane, it had carried many rich and important people as passengers, such as Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth and art dealer Zinc Lablanc.

Murder on boardEdit

Main article: Turnabout Airlines

During the flight that Edgeworth boarded to return to the United States from Europe, an undercover Interpol agent was murdered. Edgeworth discovered the man's body upon opening the on-board elevator, and was promptly restrained by stewardess Rhoda Teneiro as the prime suspect. However, he eventually managed to persuade Teneiro to let him investigate the case and clear his name. In the course of the investigation into the murder, it was revealed that the flight had been used by a Cohdopian smuggling ring to swap a valuable statue on board with a fake, and that one of the flight attendants was an undercover agent for the smuggling ring.

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