Maya Fey
All right, I have an idea. How about we call you Nick's Secret Fanboy Edgeworth from now on?

Episode 11: Fire Festival is the eleventh special episode for Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. The fire festival is in progress, and even Miles Edgeworth has come along to join in the festivities with the rest of the group. Traditionally, the fire festival is an opportunity to speak one's mind, and both Edgeworth and Luke Triton do so to air complaints about how they are portrayed in gaming media.

The Bezella PageantEdit

Hershel Layton seemingly found a worthy opponent in Miles Edgeworth. Phoenix Wright was surprised that he was here, and Edgeworth explained that he had won Labrelum Inc.'s contest, saying, "I had a certain scruffy assistant of mine crack open millions of pills with his teeth to get the lucky one!" Wright and Maya Fey then introduced Edgeworth to Espella Cantabella, referring to him as a prodigy. Edgeworth took issue with this and asked Wright to put himself in his shoes. Being called a prodigy all the time was awkward and almost sounded like he was being made fun of. This was in contrast to Wright, who would often be called a "keen lawyer" or a "rookie attorney", or Layton, who would be introduced simply as a professor of archaeology.

Luke Triton had his own gripes. He was constantly referred to as a little kid, and he was tired of it. He also resented that he was always described as Layton's "self-proclaimed" apprentice. He wondered when Layton would officially acknowledge Triton as his apprentice.

As the Miss Bezella Pageant drew near, Edgeworth and Layton decided to warm up with a puzzle. Ridelle Mystere then arrived to wish them luck. It turned out that Layton and Edgeworth had also signed Wright up for the pageant. Wright wanted to object, but was overruled.