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Description Edit


Here it is. The massive collection of breakdowns found in all of the Ace Attorney series. From the first game, including Miles Edgeworth's spin-offs, to Dual Destinies.

As a bonus, PL VS PW:AA has been added for a true massive compilation. However, a different video without this bonus is also available since the crossover means it's spoiling things for two series, for those who don't want to see what happens in that spin-off.

All of the massive breakdowns are included. The order of breakdowns is broken up as this, including all transformations scenes whether they are small or not (these are a bonus and might not be all of them):

PW: Ace Attorney 1) Frank Sahwit 2) April May 3) Redd White 4) Cody Hackins 5) Dee Vasquez 6) Yanni Yogy (2) 7) Manfred von Karma (2) 8) Angel Starr 9) Jake Marshall 10) Damon Gant (2)

PW: JFA 1) Richard Wellington 2) Ini Miney 3) Acro 4) Phoenix Wright (apparently, it's a breakdown to people) 5) Shelly de Killer...'s radio 6) Matt Engarde 7) Franziska von Karma

PW: T&T 1) Young Phoenix Wright (again, they think it's a breakdown) 2) Dahlia Hawthorne 3) Young Winston Payne 4) Luke Atmey (2) 5) Furio El Tigre 6) Terry Fawles 7) Diego Armando (again, they think him breaking his cup is a breakdown, but all I see breaking is a coffee mug) 8) Dahlia Hawthorne (Again) 9) Godot (2)

AJ 1) Olga Orly (2) 2) Kristoph Gavin 3) Wesley Stickler 4) Alita Tiala 5) Daryan Crescend (with kickass air guitar solo, starring Klavier Gavin!) 6) Valant Gramarye 7) Kristoph Gavin (Again)

AAI: ME 1) Jacques Portsman 2) Zinc Lablanc II 3) Cammy Melee 4) Lance Amano 5) Young Kay Faraday 6) Calisto Yew 7) Shih-na (2) 8) Quercus Alba (2)

AAI2: ME (Fan Translation. Awesome job, guys!) 1) President Huang 2) Horace Knightley 3) Jay Elbird 4) Frank Sahwit 5) Jay Elbird (Again) 6) Patricia Roland 7) Katherine Hall 8) Dane Gustavia 9) Katherine Hall (Again) 10) Jeffrey Master 11) Karin Jenson & Bonnie Young 12) Blaise Debeste 13) Kay Faraday 14) Sebastian Debeste & Blaise Debeste 15) Simon Keyes (2)

PW: DD (Turnabout Reclaimed's breakdowns put first) 1) Norma DePlume 2) Herman Crab 3) Marlon Rimes (2) 4) Ted Tonate 5) Florent L'Belle 6) Myriam Scuttlebutt 7) Robin Newman 8) Hugh O'Conner 9) Prof. Aristotle Means 10) Solomon Starbuck (AKA Space Larry) 11) Yuri Cosmos 12) Aura Blackquill in Clonco's body 13) Phoenix Wright (don't make me repeat myself why) 14) A whole lot of the Phantom

Bonus: Professor Layton VS Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (these are all voiced) 1) Olivia Aldente 2) Flynch 3) Kira 4) Jean Greyerl 5) Espella Cantabella 6) The Ten Vigilantes 7) Eve Belduke / Darklaw

I removed the made-up breakdowns since they weren't breakdowns (Trilo, Moe the Clown, and Adrian). So now, I'm very sure I accounted everyone this time. At last, I can toss all of those video samples to the trash.


Expect another revision after we get the English version of The Great Ace Attorney, though. I can easily just use this video to add them.

Watch, enjoy, and comment, everyone.

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