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Everyday Mittlemont
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Everyday Mittlemont was the former Chief Jailer of Berkly Prison and was a witness for the murder of Tobias Gregson. He used to work as a street beggar named Hugh Boone and nicknamed Gossip.

Something a Miss?Edit

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Everyday Mittlemont is the husband of Anna Mittlemont and father of two boys. He used to work as Chief Jailer of the Berkly Prison in England. One day, during a secret trial where a Japanese man named Genshin Asōgi apparently killed chief prosecutor Klimt van Zieks and four other nobles while being called the Professor, Harry Barricade kept Mittlemont busy while the defendant was being sentenced to death. Mittlemont was supposed to check on the body, nail the lid on Asōgi's coffin and sign off on it. But the night Mittlemont went to check on the coffin, he found something odd: the lid had already been nailed on. He didn’t think too deeply about it, he just assumed the vice-chief had come and checked it already, so he signed off on it. But the truth is that Genshin was alive in the coffin, he was later shot dead for real by Seishirou Jigoku.

Running AwayEdit

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About a decade later, Everyday Mittlemont got fired from being Chief Jailer upon being suspected of helping the Professor escape, Barricade was his replacement. He couldn't bring himself to tell his family about losing his job, so he decided to find a new one. That's when he took on a new identity as "Hugh Boone" and began to sell stories on Fresno Street, people called him "Gossip". He became acquainted with a firecracker seller nicknamed "Venus" and an information giver nicknamed "Sandwich". Tobias Gregson eventually found him and began to use him by giving him his police ID and asking that he make a scene where he was directed to go to by proclaiming that the detective is here to investigate. In exchange, Gregson paid Mittlemont a lot of money, which allowed him to continue his ruse, this was all for Gregson to better hide his movements.

Tobias Gregson sent Mittlemont out to be a decoy with the "Red-Headed League", a small-time scam of Maurice de Quilco and Marco di Gicho in the park on Lime Street. The two nobles captured Mittlemont and that's when he opened the door to the secret room he rented out knocking over the detective's board of case information and discovered Gregson's corpse. This forced him to go to the secret trial of Barok van Zieks as a witness. As a result, he was unable to contact his wife without risking revealing his secret.


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Eventually, Seishirou Jigoku was revealed to be Gregson's killer. He reveals that Everyday Mittlemont was his intended scapegoat, van Zieks only took the fall because he was investigating Gregson.


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Name Edit

  • His given name comes from the English word “everyday.” Anna Mittlemont uses it to call him "her everything."
  • Miteiru mono (見ている者), “person who watches”, as a reference to his former occupation as Chief Jailer.
  • Hugh Boone is a pseudonym of a character from the Sherlock Holmes short story, The Man With The Twisted Lip. He also pretended to be a beggar who his wife thought was missing and was almost convicted of murder.