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You may be looking for Eve Belduke, this cat's namesake.
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Occupation Pet cat
Names in other languages
Japanese (romanization written with the given name first) クローネ (Kurōne)
French Eva
German Nora
Spanish Selene
Italian Dafne
Dutch Eva
Biological information
(this is for age comparison purposes, and so may look odd; click on the question mark for details)? Unknown
(as recorded in court record profiles and case files) Unknown
Status (last known) Alive
Eye color Green
Hair color Black
Height (from official guidebooks) ??? cm
Family None mentioned
Friends Espella Cantabella (owner)
Constantine (friend)
Affiliates None mentioned
Debut episode Mysterious Labyrinthia

Eve is a female black cat belonging to Espella Cantabella, who regards her as her closest friend. She is said to somewhat resemble High Inquisitor Darklaw.


  • Her Japanese name, "Kurone" is derived from the Japanese term "kuroneko" (黒猫), meaning "black cat". In-game, the cat is named after "Kurōne Berudyūku" (Eve Belduke).
  • Her English name may be a play on "eve", meaning "night/evening". If so, this could be a reference to the color of her fur. In-game, the cat is named after Eve Belduke.


Eve bears a physical resemblance to a cat from Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, another game written by Shu Takumi. In addition, both are black cats with scarves tied around their necks and are named after someone who was close to their owner.

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