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Enoch Drebber is a student and mechanic who made a living as a grave-robber. He was a witness during Elyder Meningen's murder trial.

Someone was buried aliveEdit

Main article: The Professor Killings

Witnessing the "Professor" rise from his grave.

Enoch Drebber was studying to become a scientist, yet he had a terrible hobby of grave robbing. One night, he witnessed what appeared to be the dangerous serial killer, the Professor, rising from it's grave. When the figure was shot by someone, Drebber fled in terror. Unknown to him, the man was actually framed and buried alive, two men were going to secretly send him home to Japan but since Drebber saw him alive one of them shot him to keep him dead for real. Later he told Connette Rozaic the exact details of the "zombie's" face so she could make a wax figure. A Daily Circus newspaper journalist, Elyder Meningen, published an article about Drebber's role in the incident. This resulted in Enoch Drebber being exposed as a grave robber forcing to leave school and give up his promising career as a scientist.

Revenge Edit

Main article: The Return of the Great Departed Soul

One day, Elyder Meningen showed up to Drebber’s workshop. He didn’t actually remember Drebber as a subject of his article and instead came to him as a creator and “swindler”. Meningen had just approached a young scientist by the name of Benjamin Dobinbough about his theory on teleportation, and wanted Drebber to build a machine for him with the goal of getting money from the government. Unknown to him, Drebber noticed an article in the newspaper Elyder was holding about the creation of a new forensic investigation unit, with coroner Courtney Sithe at the head. Drebber decided to recruit Sithe and kill Elyder Meningen for ruining his chances of becoming a scientist.

Drebber built a teleportation machine for Dobinbough that was designed like a magic trick. There was a trick floor that connected to a shaft in the platform through which the experimentee would fall. Then, from a balloon hanging above the test site, a second cage would fall to the Crystal Tower, setting up the illusion that a teleportation actually happened. In this first cage would be the real Elyder Meningen; in the second would be a wax figure of the Professor, Drebber stole it from Rozaic's museum a few days before the world fair. Drebber chose this particular wax model to coerce Sithe into going along with his plan. She would find the wax model in the cage that fell through the Crystal Tower, along with a letter from someone who “knows the truth about 10 years ago.” Using the instructions in the letter, she set up the crime scene so that it appeared that teleportation actually occurred so they can frame Dobinbough.

Personality Edit

Enoch Drebber looks and acts just like a cyborg. He has this amazing talent of making magic look like science.

Name Edit

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