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Dumas Gloomsbury
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Dumas Gloomsbury
I'm not completely heartless! I'll even throw that time machine you cherish so much overboard with you!

Dumas Gloomsbury was the head servant for the Sprocket household whose corpse was discovered at the wedding ceremony of his master and fellow servant.

A scapegoatEdit

A year prior, Gloomsbury was a passenger in a car driven by his master, Sorin Sprocket, alongside his mistress Selena Sprocket. Unfortunately, the car was involved in an accident in which the Sprocket siblings were badly hurt, while Gloomsbury received only minor injuries. Selena died as a result, and the Sprocket family chose to cover up Sorin's involvement by placing all the blame onto Gloomsbury, thus protecting the family and business reputation. In exchange, Gloomsbury was promoted to head servant and given a pay rise.


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Gloomsbury and Ellen

Attempting to throw Wyatt off the Flying Chapel.

Gloomsbury nursed a grudge against the Sprockets over his treatment, and so when Pierce Nichody offered him a place in his plan to kill Sorin's bride, Ellen Wyatt in revenge, he agreed.

On the night of Sorin and Wyatt's wedding, Gloomsbury attacked Sorin with a broken candelabra after the wedding reception; leaving Sorin to bleed, Gloomsbury then accosted Wyatt and prepared to push her off the vista deck of the Floating Chapel as instructed by Nichody. However, Sorin found his way to the vista deck and bludgeoned Gloomsbury with the Time Keeper, a memento he'd made for the wedding, knocking Gloomsbury unconscious. Sorin believed Gloomsbury to be dead, as did Nichody who arrived on the scene. Nichody instructed Sorin to hold the reception again to cover up Gloomsbury's "death", while Nichody stuffed Gloomsbury into a Pegabull lantern to hide him.

In the midst of the second reception, Gloomsbury woke up and tried to leave the lantern, leaving a bloody stain on the internal handle, but not before he was spotted by Nichody. Nichody decided to silence Gloomsbury, and killed Gloomsbury with a second, fatal blow from the Time Keeper. Nichody then set Gloomsbury's corpse to be discovered by Wyatt and implicate her as the murderer.




Gloomsbury was described by his coworkers as a rather reserved and taciturn man, earning him the nickname "Mister Doom-'n'-Gloom".


  • Nekura (根暗) means "gloomy" or "dark," fitting his almost Gothic-like appearance. It also opposes Sorin and Selena's Japanese given names, both of which mean "light."
  • Gloomsbury references his Japanese name.
  • Dumas is a reference to Alexandre Dumas.
  • Dumas may also be a play on "doom", which makes his full name a play on "doom and gloom", referring to his dour appearance and his nickname among the other servants. His last name may also be a play on "bury."

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